The problem with exploit hunters

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Funcom needsd to make an official statement and list of ban-able offenses. People who use exploit hunters to report exploits/abusers of exploits do not seem to ever get answers, thus stop reporting. Here is the deal, when someone reports with hard evidence (pictures/video) it is either an exploit or game mechanic. Can’t be both. When the decision is made it needs to be posted to let other players know what is and isn’t acceptable.

When a neighborhood has a four way intersection with only crossing having stop signs, if some of the people living in that area think it should be a 4 way stop for safety, then it is presented to the city. The city, based on data, decides yes it does. From that point on, if you run any of the stop signs, you get a ticket. But until that is done, people have to hope that everyone stops for cross traffic.

Stamina glitch as an example of known exploit. If it is not an intended mechanic, and it is stated officially, then punishment can be rendered accordingly and without argument from other side. To report with evidence and see that it is not being punished only does a disservice to those that want to play the game “cleanly”. If the mechanic is not punishable to use, then everyone should have the same advantage.


I agree. It’s not likely to happen, however, because if they did, people would expect action to be taken on that basis. Funcom’s stance so far has been “as and when we are able to, on a case by case basis”.

The basic rule seems to be “if it completely prevents players (particularly new ones) from playing the game, mmmmaybe we’ll do something”. Other than that, only straight up hacking is a potentially bannable offense.

These efforts are further hampered by the fact that CE doesn’t have an accounts system in the traditional sense.

I’m just happy I don’t like to play PvP, since that server type seems to draw the majority of the cheaters, hackers and toxic players (note: I’m not saying that all PvP players are one of those!).

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I agree, noob blocking is the only offense they care about.
But another way to prevent new players form playing, is word of mouth. I have told many of my gamer friends who asked about Conan, that it is not worth getting into if you want a relaxing/fun game. Only ones playing are RP, SP, and addicts like me :slight_smile:

In the exploit hunting business it’s just like the conversation from Serenity between Shepherd Book and Mal. I ain’t looking for help from on high. It’s a long wait for a train don’t come.

People who think they’re going to get kudos, personal follow-up or individual feedback will burn out quickly. Conan Exiles Exploit Hunters are tasked with the most pressing needs, and are often concerned with volume. From my personal experience, they don’t have time or need to pat anyone on the head.

What the OP seems to be seeking is a ruling about what’s an exploit and what’s not. To that I say “get it on film and I’ll help you get the word out.”


yep. Just want confirmation that i won’t get banned for something others are using against me. TBH, as soon as i find out about an exploit, i try and learn, then replicate and report. Also allows me to spot if it is being used, so i know to just not deal with the cheater, and spread the word on the server. Least i could do for fellow clean gamers if Funcom remains silent on exploiters.

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Good points guys!

Run your own town and step up to be its mayor.

A official excuse that they are not able after 2 years of developing to deliver what they promise for start.
A free DLC for the idiots who help them grow and stay with them from weeks in lag and bugs.
Any think except we are investigating this and we fix TESTLIVE go and test cause we cannot be bother, or any other excuse that we are on holiday and we cannot be bother after we receive 8 millions dollars in 2018.
Something human show that you care cause population is going down by every day and new players are like rain in Australia,

Hey guys,

Thank you for raising your concerns about the Exploit Hunters program and the use of exploits in the game. I wanted to jump in and clear a few things up about exploits and Exploit Hunters.

The Exploit Hunters program was launched so you, the community, can report exploits and help us reproduce them. Exploit Hunters wasn’t intended to be a place where players report players who use exploits.

We will follow up on, and respond to reports about exploits we are not aware of, if more information is needed. We will make sure to clarify this on the website.


Thank you for clearing that up @Jens_Erik . I was always under the impression it was a place to report the abusers of exploits as well. So where do we go to report them? We are not allowed to post names or ID’s on the forum (which I agree with), and it is not technically harassment, so is their a way outside of DM to send screen shots of those that i have hunted down. (yes, i have decided to start hunting exploiters straight up on pictures or videos to call them out on their servers at least.).

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It doesn’t help that FUNCOM decided in-game customer support would be too taxing of a task to expect. You can sugar coat it all you want, but not having a reliable support basis for your customers, apart from forums, is ridiculous. In game messages and a helping hand, too much to ask, ludacrious even… lmao

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