God damage needs to be tweaked

There needs to be a significant change in god damage. The fact that a god (Jhebbal Sag) can be 20-30 foundations away (edited: I counted 85 foundations from the god attack) and kill all your thralls and blow in all your doors in one swipe is ludicrous. There needs to be a reduction in damage when a god is damaging a thrall, as well as buildings. I would even be on board with a god doing the amount of damage that a bomb does to your structure (per hit for the duration of the gods time). Not 35k damage a swing making thralls completely obsolete when it comes to trying to defend your base from a god attack. Thralls don’t even stand a chance against a god when they are outside of a thralls attack range, but then again they don’t stand a chance anyhow when they get one shot. When a god kills all of your level 20 thralls that have taken literal days to level. It makes playing this game more and more frustrating and unenjoyable. I really enjoyed the days when gods were out of the game. Defending against players with bombs is fine, gods on the other hand need a complete rework. I have played this game from release I’ve seen gods come and go, god coins being duped to oblivion amongst other exploits and cheats. I really do enjoy playing Conan but I’ve stopped playing because of God’s. Not because I lose my structure, but because I lose all my thralls and pets. If my thralls didn’t get one shot by gods and could actually help defend a base against god attacks it would change my mind on coming back to play Conan.

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Nerfing gods to the point that they are no better than a bomb sounds horrible. Bombs are cheap and easy to farm and make. Gods require upgrading a temple to max, finding and breaking an arch priest, farming enough zeal to create a token and THAN you can use one. It’s a GOD. It should be overpowered. And you have god bubbles that prevent the use of them anyway. You’re human thrall SHOULD be one shot if it’s in the path of a god swinging it’s weight around. They don’t last long and take a considerable amount of time to craft and implement. Sorry but I don’t agree with this one.


I agree with everything Darkzombie has said here. They are Gods for petes sake! God damage was heavily nerfed before in the past, and it sucked big time. If peope dislike the damage the damage gods do then I suggest moving to a Private Server where avatars are disabled. End rant.


Apparently everyone who responded to this topic are slow when it comes to farming Gods. I, as a solo player can farm a god coin in a little over 6-9 hours of gameplay. Its incredibly easy. If you know the right spots to farm Archpriests you can farm one in a little over 1-2 hours of farming. As far as a god bubble goes, it takes 30 minutes to actually summon the bubble. This does nothing if you don’t know a god is being summoned. There is no announcement that tells you someone is summoning a God. And to a certain point I can agree that’s gods should do significant damage to thralls. However, not a one hit kill from 30+ foundations away. That’s just plain stupid.

I can literally hit 60 and have a max temple on conan in a day, spend another day farming 500 zeal and one more to get a archpriest which can completely destroy a base that takes some people literally weeks to build up and get thralls on to defend it. A clan of 3-5 can get that all done in a day. Why should anyone take the time to farm Thralls to defend your base if they die in a hit to a God? Seems like the dumbest sh*t ive ever heard of. By the time you realize a God is going to hit your base you arent going to have the bubble up in time to protect you. Its clear you like having all your hardwork of grinding a base up to get wiped in a single raid lol. Imagine a God 1 hitting a level 20 named fighter thrall with over 10k health that you had to get lucky rolls on during the level process to get that good. They are too overpowered game was much better when Gods were disabled it made Fighter/archer Thralls worth a damn. Now its pointless. You wont change my mind on this.

I can get my thrall to lvl 20 in under an hour so the point goes both ways :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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You arent getting a T4 thrall to 20 in under an hour. No reason to lie. Ive literally played the game since launch Gods are busted Jeb God can hit 100 foundations away and 1 hit all doors and Thralls. Why level a thrall if they die in a hit to a God? Thats peabrain moves.

I’ll record it tonight lol. I’m not a hundred percent on the times cause I tend to lose track of time but if I’m out it’s by an half hour to an hour at max. take them to the jungle for the first 15 lvls killing apes than off to the frost temple for the last 5. Since update thralls level very quickly. Meanwhile it just took me two days to get a derketo arch priest to spawn. I’m not trying to change your mind. I said I disagree and stated my reasons why. No need to accuse people of lying ffs. Good luck with your mission to get yet another nerf into the game :man_facepalming:

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And this whole I’ve played since launch… so have I. That doesn’t make either of us “right” by default.

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What server you on?

I’m on the roof at work so cant tell you exact numbers but they are all oceanic, 2 are pvp and 2 are pve. I haven’t played on any one server since launch especially pvp ones. I tend to jump in and out depending on population and depending on the hackers presence.

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