(Update to Gods)

As we all know gods are abit lack luster in conan , nearly zero use in pve and for pvp people normaly have a protection up so they dont really get used in raids either , so i would say gods need a must need rework , or atleast some additions .

I propose that diferent religions have diferent benefits to others in the form of a passive ability when the protection is active . Example

Zath_ could be the only protection that protects from treb boulders but is still exposed to arrows and bats and gives you a spider like passive if you are near the alter (climb quicker)

Protects from arrows but not boulders and bats
And gives poison to nearby enemies or cleanses nearby allies .

Gives allies automatic nightvision and all pets have a dmg and hp boost

All demonic allies are stonger and other demonic entities would randomly spawn uppon detecting enemies

Protects against bats adds a debuff to demonic and zombie creatures in the area and gives allies a hp regen and hp boost

Grants increased dmg to giants and northern animals
Protects from cold and gives allies bonus dmg.

Gives more dmg for the less armor you have equiped jungle animals have increased dmg and the enemy could either get buffed or debuffed just like the got attack.

Obviously some things would need tweaking like what the bubbles could protect from , but atleast it would make people think what alter they would need to benefit there base location. Side not im generally just bored of seeing yog alters on official😂

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In my opinion altars should give additional buffs to players. Buffs that are not tied to a players character otherwhise abuse is too easy.

It should affect all players in the clan if people are playing multiplayer. The bubble as ultimate tribute should give an extra bonus on top. This way alters have a purpuse even when build in pve.

Gods should be more present/ should have more meaning in Conan Exiles.

Just to name a few buff:

  • thrall/animal damage/health bonuses (in the landclaim area) helpfull for purges
  • bonuses to wheel of pains and animal taming stations (faster)
  • lower prices at the vendors
  • higher chance of droping rare loot from bosses
  • chance to gain fragments of powers from minibosses or bosses outside the nameless city

Also altars should get an revamp when it comes to crafting bonus items. The actual items are kinda meh.

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