Rework Gods to create balance

The problem with the current religion/Gods system is that it doesn’t really do anything to create balance. An Alpha Clan is more likely to have T3/4 priests, and T3 Altars. What would be better is if Gods could be used to balance the game. Balance is something that all survival games struggle with.

So, here is a suggestion. If you are attacked, you can ask the Gods for protection. If wiped, you ask for vengeance. Their answer would be random. However, the more your enemy has, and the less you have, the more likely the answer is “yes.” But, the difference wouldn’t be earth shattering. In other words, if you are the Alpha, and you ask for vengeance against a new, small clan, the answer is something like 1/150. If it is a clan that is similar to yours, the answer might be 1/100 for a yes. If the clan is much more powerful than you, the answer might be 1/80. If the offending clan is both much more powerful, and has racked up many raids recently, the answer might move up to 1/60 to get a yes.

Might need it to be better odds though, to make it work. Maybe 1/100 if the clan is significantly weaker, and 1/50 if they are significantly stronger.

This simply keeps the map cycling…a changing of the guard as to who is Alpha. As it stands now, what I see happening is that Alphas are mostly replaced simply because they become inactive. If they are active, they usually keep the other clans too beat up to be a real threat.

This would also be a good way to encourage raiding, but not wiping. Every structure you destroy, causes a heating up effect. Time cools down. The hotter, the more likely a God will say yes to punish you.

This would also work best if we could only choose one God, and when you do, there is a discouragement to attack followers of the same God. This would also explain why the God might answer your prayer for protection or vengeance. You are part of his flock, and the enemy is not.

If this discourages raiding, then create an incentive to raid. This would be a discussion in itself.

I do not think it would discourage raiding, but I think it would discourage wiping. And, when you take resources, or items from those you are raiding, it could be seen as more offensive to their God, than destroying a wall, or door. So, you would want to be judicious on what you take. You want to take things, and the balancing of this system should allow some theft…but the balance should discourage taking too much, and taking stuff and throwing it on the ground. Too many people quit after a wipe. Too discouraging to have to start all over. So, if you take too much, you create much more risk of angering their God.

Conan seems the best game situated to take advantage of Gods in this way.

Its so nice to play PvP now (besides all the glitchers and cheaters that funcom doesnt care about)

Implementing gods, will make me stop playing Conan, its so easy to get.

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