Gods r usless, make them great again ^^

Give Gods power. They r God’s. Give us the possibility to destroy some parts of a base. A god can’t destroy a t3 foundation, why?
Every clan use derketo to make godshield, cos is cheap to make it, but if they don’t activate shield or shield time is over, the god don’t make any damage.
The only thing we can do is collect archpriest and make nothing with them or summonig just for fun.
They r many way to make God’s more interesting.

Special ability, ymir is stronger in north as Set, but Set is stronger in desert.
Only 2 attacks possible, after that god disappear.
God’s damage only 80% on t1 50% on t2 and 30% on t3, if the god walk only on base, they have to attack to make damage.

God’s bubble depends of the lvl of priest. Priest lvl 1 = 12hrs lvl 2 = 24hrs lvl 3= 36
Archpriest can only summoning avatar and make 36hrs bubble.
Little clans have a chance if they don’t have archpriest.

I agree, Gods should be a little Stronger. It’s already a pain to get Archpriests… on top of that… Gods barely do any damage (except for Set who 1 shots everything and can attack like 40 times in a minute, wtf?.. and Ymir is literally useless, barey any damage and is slow AF)

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