When gods return, there is going to be serious carnage!

So I have been playing on some new servers recently and one thing I have noticed is a large number of clans with low to medium number of players in their clans building massive castles and forts all over the map.

Most of these clans are not going to be able to farm 500 zeal every 2 days to keep bubbles up on everything they have built. This one server I recently started on, there are 4 clans with tons of fortresses spread out everywhere on the map. They are all “alphas” and all work together to try and keep any new players from even starting on the server.

The reason I mention this is because I’ve seen quite a few forum comments saying things like alphas control too much land claim. That Funcom should limit building through their new “guidelines” and reporting process. Other comments that there should be server wipes because alphas control the servers and new players have no chance at all. Etc.

From what I am seeing on some of these servers, the alphas have grown very complacent and just build big and build big EVERYWHERE with no regards to the possibility that gods would ever return.

So for all you solo players and small clans out there, when gods return, you are going to be able to seriously wreck some people. Thus gods may very well solve a lot of the aforementioned complaints we keep seeing on the forums.


I still wish that deity avatars were not the giant, cumbersome things they have remained as of start, but more like the classic depictions: just under double human size, glowing, etc. and with mega-stats. It would allow significant damage and ‘sorcerous’ effects, possibly for a little longer because not so catastrophic. Another option is for it to possess the summoner so that they have to control it still, but when the Summoning runs its course, or the possessed player is killed, there is a signiificant gametime period of halved stats and loss of all items (dropped at start of possession) because of the stresses of possession?
Obvs too much time has been spent reworking avatars in their current state so further changes are very unlikely, but it would have been fun and not so OP. The new nerfs are favourable and should help a lot though. Let’s see…

You speak like you have seen information on the new update. If so could you post a link?

I am Alpha on PvE , i hunt down new players and gifting them Starmetal tools, T4 Thralls, and armors… :smiley:


Big difference from pve and pvp. I help out people on my server if they want it but if it was a pvp server I might not want to arm potential enemies.

You want a T4 or not…? lol
Play on a private server. There’s only One Alpha, and that ain’t any players :smiley:

Purely speculation and guessing :wink:

If it were ever possible for Admins to ever flag Admin built stuff as no damage, then PvE wouldn’t really be used as much I suspect

I doubt it personally, I welcome the return of gods but it wont put a dent in the landclaim, gods only last a minute and rarely shatter an entire fortress and can be intercepted rather easily.

I suspect they were added at the beginning for the ‘Wow’ factor only and, once things took off, with much regret :smiley:

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— What is it?

The funny thing is that in my mind would have the detrimental effect of ruining the game for them especially in PVE.

You are very cruel

In case anyone missed it…

According to this, new players can’t even start… how are they going to get a T3 temple with a T4 priest to summon the Avatar to begin with?

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It is easier than you think. Granted it is difficult. But it is definitely not impossible for new players. You just have to play smart. I saw all these complaints on the forum that new players have no chance against alpha clans and thought, “let me try and see if this is true or not”. It has been 2 years since I actually went through what new players have to go through. And so I thought I would also use the footage to make a new video series for my YouTube channel to help new PvP players out.

So two weeks ago I started a new toon on Official PvP Server #1529. On day 2, the alphas were already foundation wiping my tier 1 base. Day 4 they wiped my second base which was tier 2. Damned near every day since they have hunted me down and other new players relentlessly. All new players that start there get wiped as soon as they are discovered. But you have to play smart. Stick and move. And just keep building up.

For example, I still managed to get a tier three cave base and then this happened 3 days ago:

Notice it is JUST me defending with 12 fighter thralls and 3 archers thralls (all leveled to around lvl 10-ish) and holding off around 10 players with their thralls. This went on for hours…

If I can do this as a solo player in just 2 weeks, with no gods, then others can as well. I am not that great of a PvPer. I just use a lot of building tricks and use my head to survive. Now with gods coming back, solo players and small clans, if they play smart, are going to absolutely wreck some of these alpha clans that have quite simply grown too complacent with their massive and numerous ground based builds.

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