Gods returning balance

Personally I don’t want to see the return of gods at all, I don’t think the PvP aspect of the game needs them.

BUT… There’s always a but.

I see they are returning.

So my game suggestion.

In addition to funcoms changes, trebuchets can be used against gods, not to deal damage but to lower their timer.
-5 seconds if a God is hit by a boulder, -10 seconds for a demo fire barrage. Furthermore the god will also flinch when impacted wasting a couple more seconds.

Please forward this suggestion to the funcom team.

i think it will be bad.The avatar protection is good enough.

Right now, one explosive jar kills an avatar immediatly. This is obviously a bug.

I would suggest them to remove avatars totally untill they find a way to not make the server 1020 everytime you use an avatar.

Also, the timer shows 60 seconds, but the lag makes so you can use them for 3-6 minutes depending how the server resonding.

Avatars is like semi ddos lol.

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