Remove or adjust gods and defences. More siege weapons

Heeello. Imo gods are broken. Any clan of multiple people can simply spam gods, destroy bases and get away with it. There is not much you can do about it, especially when offline. The only thing that is there is shields and they are pretty much useless. I would suggest removing them from the game completely untill you figure out how to balance them properly. If we at least had some means of defense. I was thinking something similar to wall mounted balistas…operated by thralls (remember Hobbit 2?) Alchemical/magical substances that would allow us to strengthen walls against gods etc. Something that would give people chance to reflect the attack. Or give us pvp servers (official) where the gods are turned off. With the last update not even bases that are high up stand a chance.

And as for the siege weapons, all we have is either gods, explosives or trebuchet. What about rams, siege ladders, hooks, moats? That would make the game so much more enjoyable. More means of attacking/defending and using a brain, less spamming of gods and destroying bases that people kept building for days in one minute.

Ps.: Doors need to have the same stats as walls, its pretty lame to have 20 doors in your base just because for some reason they have lower HP than walls which are made of the same (or even worse) material.

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There is no way they are just going to remove the avatars or nerf them into uselessness.

I would support the addition of more siege equipment though.

Doors have always been the weakest point in a structure.


Well, thats why I was suggesting servers without gods.

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