More ideas - from a avid builder/architect on PVP perspective

  1. Make hitpoints on doors be what they used to be. It was fine, I have no idea why they changed it from 50% of the foundation hp.

  2. Introduce combination locks rather than (Or in addition to) lockable doors. This gives “thieves” a different way to get into bases.

  3. Limit how many gates can be placed next to eachother. (Similar to how altars work. Maybe make it a toggle on server for admins) Having gates with doors that open into mesh and into other structures is not what I’d call very nice. It also creates all these dumb cube-looking buildings with gates 2x2 for wheels, or gates 3x3 for maprooms etc.

  4. Increase cost of jars. As a 2-man clan, we have thousands of powder, and we can have a sustained bomb-war with anyone for months.

  5. Randomize T4 spawns a lot better. No fixed crafter spawns should exist, this just creates a poor meta-game.

  6. Add new forms of siege weapons. We have a siege foundation, but the only thing we can put on it is trebuchet… how about ballista? Other types of trebuchets etc. Stone throwers, religion-based throwers.

  7. Make multi-religion a lot harder. E.g. you have to do the quest to “win” to unlock more religions. This will suck for some people sure, but with respec potions available, it’s really not an issue. Like, really.

  8. Remove “return to inventory” option after X minutes of an object being placed. This deals with the whole “I misplaced it, I need to move it slightly” concern, and also deal with the inevitable PVP scenario: “All bases on map are empty shells, and you bring crafting stations and thralls with you on a bearer when going to farm, then leave with the same”

  9. Now that we have dismantling bench, maybe it is time to consider not outfitting all kinds of people and their grandmothers with iron bars & steel bars? It would make sense if smelters would have that, but not an archer or fighter. If you want steel bars, loot steal weapons from the fighter, and dismantle it.

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