Avatars are coming back in full force!


Yes! I’ve been waiting for this. thank you thank you funcom!

Joel just confirmed this at the end of todays stream. Makes perfect sense that avatars be more powerful now that we have protective shields. Not to mention the amount of time and effort it takes to get enough manifestation of zeals and resources per altar. Pure destruction! woohoo!

What are your thoughts.


I hope this game goes in the direction of using Gods as a fun and viable raiding option. So much fun calling down Gods to destroy things.


They are meant to be a nuclear option, so they should be powerful :slight_smile: There will be some additional balancing needed, for sure.


Exiles, barbarians, savages, forts, cities, castles and GODS ! I say bring on the destruction let our enemies tremble at our quake !


i have a question related to domes so at the moment on the live game, Treb’s can do AOE damage to domes & the structures inside a dome. granted it’s a very small amount of damage. but if you have the time & energy, you can treb a dome & crumble a base to gain access or even just troll a player.

with Gods coming back to full strength, will domes be back put back to the way they were?, eg Trebs won’t be able to transfer AOE damage across a Dome surface, granting the attacker a chance to crumble a base?


Glad to return to the golden age of raiding.

Avatars (and Avatar defense) really makes Clan vs. Clan important. Avatars make big clans establish control over the server.

I hope that Zeals are harder to get than when I last played. We were able to manufacture Zeals from crafting the Set clothing from plant fiber, which felt a little weird. I think Zeals should only come from sacrifices.


good question and I share your point. If gods are a nuclear options, domes should counteract this effect by denying any damage.


Unfortunately, avatars need to be completed. Mithra, Imir and Set will not be able to destroy the building on the mountain, but the Yog can. If they are given the opportunity to climb, then it is possible. To do this, I would suggest reducing the size of the avatar (like big boss), but increase the time (3-5 minutes or give health to the avatar until he or the player is killed), speed and give new opportunities (light attack, heavy attack, climbing, etc.).

Also, can to add in game big avatar and little avatar (like big boss).


Yes, I strongly agree that Avatar size must be reduced.

It’s too easy to accidentally fall off the cliff with Set, Ymir, and Mitra. Pretty frustrating when you waste a True Name by sliding off a cliff!


Even an Avatar need to watch his steps :smiley: Nuclear option need to be precised ;p Love the think, but I would like to see for example (if u got an defence on altar ready) an counter god which is summoned to challange another god in case of raid. It would be great to have some extra “snake wall” or “lighting storm” sended from your god in case of attack :wink:


Kind of silly a god incarnate can swing through structures like hot butter but fall prey to the forces of mortal gravity.


Well in defense, you don’t see Poseidon flying around in the sky either. Maybe they could make the Gods that do not fly throw things?


Well they could add some Avatar Powers. Like Yog has that black goo that does a lot of damage (well it did before the god-nerf). I’m thinking maybe lightning attacks for Mitra, summons for Set like minigods that last as long as the avatar (You can climb mountains with Set if you use your tail), Ymir could bring down an icestorm or meteors.

If you compare gods, Yogs secondary attack was extremly powerful. Set has what? that snake attack? that focus on a single spot? That sort of thing needs a bit more balance if you ask me.


i share your idea MadLeo. Avatars are way to big! Increase the duration, reduce the size, give them light and heavy attacks, and BAN! flying Yog ****. make them all equal.


So does that a mean single explosive jar won’t despawn them. Because I made huge towers around my base with explosive jar that if god toch he despawn.


We still want players to be able to defend themselves against the Avatars, so we’re not removing the option where you can despawn them by doing enough damage.


Well I kinda think 1 jar should only remove 25% instead of 100. I would make towers with 4 jars instead of one though.