Avatars Are A Joke, Please Buff

I know they’re doing a pass on Avatars to set a baseline and such, but I just thought I would give my two cents about the issue here. My clan raided our server’s alpha last night, and we figured having two Avatars on-hand would let us demolish at least a couple of bases. Well, Set was ok, he at least destroyed 1/4 of a base before he mysteriously stopped being effective and then vanished. Yog, on the other hand, was absolutely embarrassing. How in the hell can you have a dude that huge and that badass, barely being able to break a few ceiling pieces? Three slams and vomiting his black goop all over a cluster of four vaults, and it literally did 5K damage. Please, for god’s sake, Make Avatars Great Again. The current setup, given the sheer luck of finding an Archpriest and the grind required to summon an Avatar, is absolutely laughably bad. Five jars do more damage to a vault than an Avatar. Like, seriously, how has this not been patched yet?


Yeah, Avatars were awesome in the beginning. Then a bunch of people started whining and crying about how their bases getting wiped by gods made them want to rage quit Conan. So the devs nerfed gods to utter uselessness.

Be careful for what you ask for. When the devs adjust something, they rarely one-shot it to a good balance. Usually they swing it to to the other extreme.

I would like them to Make Avatars Great Again too. MAGA!

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To make the Gods great again, they could offer them in different strengths based on the number of players that do the pray emote nearby. If you have several clan mates and allies praying it’s full strength based on that number unless they get interrupted somehow. If it’s just 1 praying, then it’s not fully manifested and weak. Also, defenders could counter pray to subtract that number praying on the other side, lol. Also, devs could offer holy weapons like a God ballista that are manned by a Thrall and automatically fire at Gods.

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Hi, my personal opinion, SET is perfectly balanced, bring the other God’s up to par with SET, They are God’s after all they should be able to onehit world bosses and they should be able to reduce bases without a GOD bubble to rubble on the double :smile:without trouble :rofl:


Daddy, I agree with you 100%!

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Another point to add, is please keep in mind that high tier NPC spawns were significantly reduced all around the map, say for a few named NPC’s that are bugged and multi-spawn, it’s a big pain in the butt even finding a Archpriest now, so i imagine anybody trying to summon Gods on Official servers is probably a very rare occurrence, unless someone has stockpiles of " True Names "

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