Set Avatar Balancing

I know a lot of people are complaining about avatars in general being overpowered, and it’s arguable whether the current system is good or not, but I don’t see a lot of people talking about each avatar being completely mixed up right now. I feel that each avatar should do roughly the same amount of base damage as each other, but as of right now, all gods are unusable except Set, who can tear t3 foundations down in a huge aoe in one hit. Out of all the avatars, Set is the fastest moving, has the fastest attack, and the most damage by far. I used Ymir, and in 4 hits on t3, I only destroyed 5 foundations that were directly hit by the axe. I can easily get at least 15-20 hits off as Set, and you only need one to break through t3. I doubt this intended, but it really needs to be fixed. I feel that Ymir’s damage is pretty solid, being able to cut a gaping slash into the side of someone’s base, but not wiping it, whereas Set’s attacks definitely need to be changed, and possibly slower than they are currently.

On a side note, I’m not sure what the point of derketo’s avatar is, because it really seems underpowered in comparison to other gods even in their current state. Her crafting section is quite nice though.

In general, I think the game is really amazing so far and I can’t wait for more content to drop, but this needs to be fixed asap, since as of right now, it’s a waste of time to build up if Set can wipe your base in a matter of seconds.

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Avatars cant ever be balanced, it’s a bad idea that developers refuse to let go. If you want to destroy a base, there are siege weapons that can take down your structures in a balanced way. It’s even more annoying that there are no official PvP servers with avatars turned off. The ability to wipe bases easily, is stupid. Developers clearly have no regard to player’s time spent in a game building up bases.

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