Set-Avatar too strong/ Chests visualbug / "over encumbered" / Talents "save" option

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [Europe]

Hey :slight_smile:

  1. Set - Avatar

Its damage and attackspeed is way too high In comparison with the other avatars,
With Ymir for example i need almost the whole 60 seconds to start destroying a base, but with Set you can destroy an complete base within 5-10 seconds. ( i refer to highest building tier, and attack only (leftclick), idk how it is if you just walk over the base).
I made a comparison video to illustrate:

  1. Chests Visualbug

If you open or walk by a chest it will start flickering like crazy.
Occurs online only!
Looks like this:

  1. “over encumbered” Spam

The “over encumbered” message in the middle of the screen. I think this is known but i wanted to point it out again because its really freaking me out and i would love a fix :smiley:

  1. Talent Points
    I would love if we had an option to “save” our skilltree. For example “pvp” or “farming” so we dont have to skill everything new every time.

Greetings FuPanda :slight_smile:

Windows 10 Home, Intel i7, 12 gig ram, geforce gtx 1080ti


Set Very strong but Yog Very light

??? is right!

Wow after watching that vid it is clear there is no comparison with the others. The others can compare with each other. But Set is clearly in another league. I am new to the game and currently play PvE so I have no experience or reason (other than just fun) for summoning avatars. So I am wondering is Set as much harder to summon as it is clearly better?

Set is not too strong. The others are too weak.

No, the cost for any avatar is almost the same. thats why it´s pretty unbalanced at the moment.
Need a flying base so the snake wont reach it :smiley:

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