Set, you make me cry. :(


When are they going to “un-nerf” the avatar summonings?

I summoned Set this afternoon, and it was laughable at what little damage he did. Terrible damage. I maybe destroyed like 3 walls only.

This is really disappointing. I hope that you, Funcom, will be able to make a proper balancing pass to make these things worth it.

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All Avatars other then Jhebbal Sag received a DPS buff on testlive.

I think a lot of your hits were with the head in the rock. I’ve had the same problem. Back up next time and strike from further away.

I was thinking the same thing. It looked like he spent half the time in avatar form attacking the rock beneath the fort.

you are not even hitting, if you dont know how to use gods you can just walk to the structures it damage them

You are not hitting structure 90% of the time, set is doing an horizontal damage from the bite area. so actualy you do not damage building but try to destroy the rock.

only damage you do is from set body (because there is damage destruction done by body of avatar too, in addition of the bite).

so yes as said go on solo session game and train with god

what did the rock ever do to you m8 ? :frowning: sad reacts only for the rock

Thanks for posting this, always an important reminder for me to practice. I think the terrain really messed with your targeting. :snake:

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