Make Conan great again #MCGA

This game, as great the potential and fun it is, the amount of glitchers and hackers and spammers is overwhelming.
Here are some points which I think are needed in order for Conan to be great again.

  1. Remove gods, add other means of destruction.
    • Gods have been just a lazy solution for castle sieges. Gods are broken af and they destroy the game. Every server you go there are people who spam gods every day and destroy your hours and hours of work in mere seconds. Building a nice base is not an option. It all comes down to building an ugly ■■■ base on top of the mountain, looking like a box with a shield around it. Thats it. You want to build a castle that with its shape and strategic location besides top of volcano holds on against clan of god stackers? Good luck with that. Does not matter how many archers you put on the walls. With the current system the gods wont even break a sweat. And it really does not help that the gods can be dupped.
  • What I would love to see would be more siege weapons. All we have is one trebuchet that nobody uses. There should be battering rams, balistas, catapults, scaling ladders, you got whole libraries full of history of siege weapons. Use it. Conan is perfect for it. And it would make building bases so much more fun if instead of stupid gods that can be spammed every day you had to worry about traditional siege instead. You can even add sticky bombs…you have resin in game, dont you? Make use of it. You know how fun would it be if you actually had to use brain and some effort to siege a base?
  1. If you wont remove gods, give us at least some means of protection besides bubble.
  • Bubble is ugly, tedious to make and maintain. If you wont remove gods, you have to give us some other means of defense. Gods are magic, so add magic and thrall mages that would damage the gods. Add magical arrows that would be hard to make but would actually damage gods and archers would have meaning again. Add materials that would reinforce walls against gods. For example some enchantment that would mix with bricks and you would use it as an outter wall. Maybe 10 walls combined with fragment of power or whatnot.
  1. Thralls AI, control, movement.
  • Thralls are currently dumb its unbeliavable. AI could use a lot of improvement. However there are some small things that would help with their stupidity greatly.
    • Give us an option to set the thrall on passive - its very annoying if you farm together with your thrall and suddenly you see a named…blacksmith. You start hitting it with you thrall smacker and suddenly your brave companion one shots it into a oblivion…you either have to run away quickly so he teleports away or you have to “stop follow” him. Can we have a passive mode where he would only follow us please? Thanks.

Getting stuck - oh my god how many times this happened to all of us? You in your base with many thralls around you, you are in a corner, dumbass thrall that is following you appears behind you, you are stuck, you cant move him because there are thralls already placed around, you have to kill yourself. Can you PLEASE make thralls being movable by us? If you bump into him he moves? THANK YOU.

Thralls getting damaged by…magic ? - If you climb or if you ride the elevator it usually ends up with your thrall dying. Somehow he takes damage. No idea how, or how it works, he simply get f’d in the A.

Reaction time - thralls even in the pvp time have so slow reaction time its unbeliavable. I was standing in my base surrounded by my thralls, some dude came out of nowhere and started smaking me. Thralls were looking at me like “Should we help him? Naaaah he got this”. I was fighting him for at least 30 seconds before they reacted. Also, if your thrall is following you and you start a combat, he does not help, either him or you have to get damaged at first. Otherwise he will be standing there like a statue looking at you doing the work for him.

Patrols - Patrols would be a nice feature. Set points for thrall to move between. So far the thralls are stationary and it looks like a museum of wax figurines. This would make your home look a little bit more lively.

Vault, shrines, foundation spamming and glitching.

  • This is by far the most important thing you have to figure out.
    Every server you go there are foundations and shrines spammed everywhere. Its ugly, it takes away the atmosphere and you cant build anywhere. Its broken and it lags the server. And sometimes it even does not make a sense. Giant steel vault - 150 000 HP, small shrine aswell? Stone throne - 300 000 HP…wut? I think you should limit some of the buildings per person. One vault per person. Thats it. balance its HP or damage resistance. And as for the shrines…you know my opinion on gods so…yeah.
    Also you can easily place foundations INSIDE mountains, ground, anywhere is its impossible to blow them up and everything on entire map is claimed. Every server. All the time. So maybe make it so the foundation has to be visible for at least 50%? You are the devs, im sure you have ways to make it happen.

That would be all from me from top of my head, however I asked some people on my server for ideas so there are some ideas.

  • recall device. Some sort of means of immediate transport. For example - a scroll that would allow you to cast a “spell” that would send you home from wherever you stand. The cost could be great, but It could be a last resort for example when you get stuck.

  • alarm device. A thrall or a device that would inform you when your base get attacked. For example - you make a horn that would have 100 meter radius, add thrall to it, if any player attacks you base within that radius, your get a message and those crossed swords on your map as a warning. Something similar to purge message.

  • regular admin check, set of tools for admin the check for undermesh bases, swift and decisive punishment for glitchers and hackers.

  • Mining materials based on tool quality - so far the amount of resources is determind by the quality of the weapon. But it does not make much sense. You have a rock, it weighs 150 kilograms, you should be able to mine it all of its mass. HOWEVER, how fast should be determined with the tool you have. For example with stone pick you would mine it for 20 seconds, with starmetal 3. Survival perk level 2 does not make sense at all.

Please, consider some of the things, namely the gods and siege weapons. THanks

PS.: Quick idea, CHAT IS ANNOYING - if you want to read something from few minutes before, you have to scroll up and anytime someone writes something it resets so you have to scroll again like a ***** … PLEASE


Is it wrong I find the meta behind somebody asking to make something great again by not building a wall endlessly amusing?

Anyways … onwards.

I don’t see Gods as a problem, but there must be a cooldown on a temple being able to create these Avatars. Once a month per CHARACTER, and once per week per altar should be the limit. This will still allow Clans to summon multiple Gods as required, but there’s still a hefty cooldown to contend with and stops people doing the aforementioned spamming.

Not much we can do about the Foundation Spamming, but possibly be better to introduce a ‘Claim’ Foundation, and only three ‘Claim’ Foundations at a time, meaning anything in excess of that will become ‘unclaimed’ and could start to rapidly decay or become something that another Player could walk in, dig through till they find the ‘Claim’ Foundation and then replace it with their own, effectively ‘claiming’ the now-abandoned region, and all buildings therein, as their own property.

Regardless of the number of folks involved, be it a solo-player or a twenty-person Clan, each character can plant one Claim Foundation and claim 50 foundations around that one ‘block’, with Clans being able to put down more Claim foundations than solo players in an area. Better yet, have structures without a ‘Claim’ Foundation immediately begin to decay, and the 50 foundation radius also prevents players from building a base ontop of or around structures like Obelisks or Caves, as in the ‘Claim’ Foundation will refuse to be set down, and if you really wanna be ‘that guy’, you’re going to be spending all your time farming materials to keep your rapidly-decaying structures up, and considering how big you’d need to make those walls and the amount of spikes required to keep folks out … that’s a lot of materials, and you’d spend all your time just farming stone, wood and ichor to dominate a server that nobody else is interested in!

The ‘Claim’ Foundation having a limit of three per player means that Clans can claim more land to build their sprawling castles and towns, but not be able to claim an entire map. You won’t be able to brutally enclose other players so easily, and it makes it far harder for Troll Clans to try to blockade off new players from joining the server by walling off the desert or similar shenanigans.

As for removing gods from play, that is an option on private servers if I recall… (That said I think what you want here is offical PvP servers that have gods disabled. Wouldn’t require any coding on the Devs part to acomplish at this point as it is literately just a checkbox that can be turned on/off in the server settings)

As for building spam, this is really only a problem in PvE since there is on building damage… (Though perhaps in PvP we could have picks and pick axes buffed to deal damage to structures… Not a whole lot of damage but about as much as they do to other players, and when you destroy something with a pick it gives you a few materials for your effort…) Maybe allow better picks a bit more damage to buildings. ) This would make it harder people to be completely walled in on PvP servers as even a new player with enough time and effort and a stone pick could dig their way through your wall.

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Do you think the devs even read these? I think this section of the forum is here just to make us feel better.


The sandstone spamming… for PVP, maybe sandstone can be blown up 24/7. And then T2 10 hour window. this would make it really hard to spam sandstone claim, because i could destroy it at any time. For PVP people who say “but i like to build my base in sandstone”, well, part of PVP is getting your defense at max. t3 is the max. It would suck for a new player. But the best pvpers usually stay off the grid long enough to get enough for a 4x4x3 t3 structure up and running. Would also allow clans who want to keep the sandstone at a minimal on server to go around and clear it at any time, and save the normal 6 hour window for there actual wars.

for PVE and PVE-C, this does little for them i understand. Unfortunately, if you implement any way to get rid of sandstone on those servers, you might interrupt a more laid back player who likes the aesthetic of sandstone in the desert (makes since tbh).

My PvP base has survived 5 gods, 3 of which were used while nobody in my clan was online, and it isn’t an ugly box at all. It’s a nice looking tower castle, yet still works for PvP. People just aren’t creative.

And it seems to me your problem with gods has more to do with duping. People dropping tons of gods like that is usually duping just because the cost to use a god is so high. You have to grind for quite a while to build a god from scratch- needing loads of mats, 600 corpses farmed, and an archpriest tamed- all for a maximum of one minute of god use.

As long as you prevent people from summoning a god on top of your base, chances are, it won’t destroy much if any. Real god damage is dealt when they get summoned right next to your base.

Cave bases with thick walls, high bases with anti climb, and ground bases with a heavily defended perimeter all counter gods.

Ground bases are hard to get right, but if you set a nice perimeter, you can build a nice looking base. It’s a lot more work, like a LOT more, but it’s definitely possible if you really just want a cool looking base.

It’s also your duty to keep track of where t3 temples are. The BEST counter to gods is to hit the temple before they’re even made.

And you have access to gods too. Don’t forget that.

Duping is the issue, not gods themselves. But I do agree that more siege weapons would be nice.


I must disagree, being son of a bricklayer, great things comes from very little. Also, “nothingness” would be 0 (zero) vaults, at least, on pvp servers this would be a good setting, 1 vault per player, its fair, and actually, I don’t even use one.

Your hat should read: MPvPGA

Here is an interesting tidbit of information which I previously unearthed in the course of researching my chosen topic Mauricio. It would seem that in the early stages of the game there was an alternative to the God Bubbles which you are not a fan of…Crom. it seems that Crom was to originally have his own avatar which functioned uniquely to the others. Crom was going to be an defensive avatar who had the ability to kill other gods by striking them with lightning. I am neither endorsing this features existence or its removal, not here anyway. Only letting you know of an alternative to God Bubbles which did once exist. Interesting hey? Here are the sources if you would like to read them further.

(Around the 33:00 min mark on the video)

Personally as far as gods go i feel they need a revamp on all accounts from reading most pvp player responses to anything on the gods and from a pve players perspective because in pve they don’t really exist… i would like to see them changed from a seige tool which is what they are to giving some sort of buff to players or clans whether that buff be a massive increase in damage, health regen, ect then they could still be used for pvp but would also give pve players a use for them as well it would allow from a pve perspective even harder world bosses as they would be expected to be fought with a god buff… and with pvp each player in a clan could gain from said buff so it would basically stack buffs to turn raids into just that instead of mainly watching gods destroy everything

Well, sounds good, where can I get myself some crom turret :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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LOL. You called conan exiles raiding siege. That implies there is a real reason to ovetkae a base, and not wipe it when someone is offline.

but you have a point about Gods. they are all or nothing, and actually reward offline raiders who avoid melee.

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I tend to agree with what you say, but there is one thing about god def

I don’t know if the hp pool of the gods changed since EA but it is possible to build 1 square tower fill with bombs for god protection. Those tower will work like divine landmine and exept JS or YOG, will die because of them^^

Yep, just logged in game, our base which we kept building for the past 4 weeks, gone in matter of seconds because “gods not op”. Kinda tired of this s*it :(.

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