Suggestion for Crom use and diversity

Crom doesn’t give any benefit when you choose him as a god but this seems like a handicap on ones self, It would be better if Choosing Crom and never picking or learning another god would provide some advantage. Maybe a combat boost to HP, damage, or damage reduction. Also it would be great to have people only be restricted to one god at any given time, that will spread diversity around with what people choose. I hope you consider this before launch, Love the game look forward to launch day!


Not sure about a Crom bonus, but I like the idea of one god at a time. Crom doesn’t help mortal men. The whole point about Crom is that the only people worthy of his blessings are people who don’t need them and don’t want them. Anyone who would accept a blessing from Crom doesn’t deserve the blessing and anyone who deserves a blessing shouldn’t get one.

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I agree on one god/time as well! Getting each benefit seems a bit weird. Also clans should be restricted to one god as well. Like only being able to invite people with same religion into clan. Changing religion? gtfo the clan…

But I see a need for staying without (proper) religion having to give SOME benefit. Question is what…
And the reason? Those are left alone. They wont be receiving any blessing from any god, so they need to be able to get by without gods. As for pvp, some extra building dmg would be nice. Or being granted a special feat, only for those who chose Crom. Of course it would have to do something with siege - or defense.

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I vote for 1 got per CLAN or PLAYER ONLY! When it comes to Crom…well yeah, as TikaTheHungry mentioned… but still choosing Crom should give you some benefit to stats. nothing big, lets say +2 for every stat upon creating your character, but you wont be able to choose any other god or if you choose you will naturally loose +2 stat benefit (since you worship Crom you are naturally stronger human, just as Conan ^^). But i already received answer from FunCom on Q? - ONE GOD ONLY. They said that they intendted to allow players to worship more than 1 GOD, but this does not match with original idea o religion they gave us back in early 2017 so i hope we can make them change their mind

I really hate the idea (from lore perspective) that you can worship Mitra and Set… WTF?! and also have several avatars, each from the different religion. This needs to be changed


An old Dualshockers interview with Joel suggested that Crom would be a defensive god, that can strike other Avatars with lightning.

The devs also had this idea where certain shrines prevented other religious shrines within a radius. Mitra is a god that strongly disapproves of worshipping other gods, so therefore players wouldn’t be able to place a Mitra shrine nearby any shrines of any other religions. Mitra shrines would also block shrines of other religions from being placed. I feel that Crom would be the same — a religion that prevents the worshipping of others.

They also had another idea that was brought up in that Dualshockers inverview — Oaths. Oaths would be buffs that the player could obtain which would become lost if the player does certain things. The example given was that Set worshippers are forbidden from killing snakes, and so long as they don’t kill a snake, they might get immunity from poison.

The devs have since taken a more deliberate approach towards religion, favouring balance and ‘fleshing out’ already existing systems. Every religion getting its own Avatar, its own Shrine to build, etc.

I would personally love for a ‘True Name of Crom’ that gives huge buffs to your player character (rather than an Avatar). Imagine a sequence like “Conan’s Prayer to Crom” from the original movie ( Invoking the True Name of Crom, and then getting buffs to your personal strength — enough to take down a party of raiders.