Proposed Crom religion opt out Mechanic

As i see it Crom is an opt out for the religion mechanic in the game and that is how i would like it to be implemented.

I know the lore for Crom states that he does not help his followers so lore wise the current system is perfectly lore friendly, the problem is it isn’t game play friendly and as a result is pretty much pointless.

if i as a player choose set as my religion there is nothing forcing me to build a set alter so i can opt out just by not building one. so Crom is still utterly pointless.

My suggestion/s is that if you choose Crom as your religion you get:

  1. Pre Level 60 - Adversity

Choosing Crom as a religion will give your character a permanent EXP debuff, down to 1% of normal.

at level 1 within the Religion Feat tree you will automatically unlock the “Crom Stone Tools” these have the exact same harvest rate as normal but will have a higher cost to build and be alot heavier BUT it will give you a 10% exp boost when using them.

this will extend to Crom Armour and Weapons, each being expensive and heavy but allowing you to level up.

i would suggest the weapons give a 20% exp buff so fighting will be the best way to level up.

the idea here is to make the game Pre level 60 very difficult to play with the additional weight of gear forcing players to spec into endurance and the leveling advantage of fighting making the spec into Strength preferable.

these only give exp buffs to Crom worshipers.

if a player learns another religion before 60 they lose the exp debuff and carry on as per normal

  1. Level 60 - Blessings

at level 60 the player receives a permanent buff to Endurance and strength

  1. Religion Nullification.

the idea here is at level 60 you can learn a feat to build a “Statue to Crom”

this statue will be difficult to build (i suggest you need one arch-priest from all other religions to make one) and will nullify all other religions within a radius.

the idea here is if you build one of these statues you are immune to enemy Avatar’s and they will be forced to attack you with physical means. this “nullification zone” will not prevent treb, orb or explosive arrows.

to prevent this being exploited by clans as a free protection this statue will nullify all friendly alters within a HUGE radius preventing them from being placed at all or if they are placed all crafting within them cut off so they are purely decorative.

this nullification will not cut off alters not owned by your clan, this to prevent them from being placed to spite other clans.

these statues will have fairly low HP so easy to destroy if an enemy can get access to it and once destroyed the nullification aura is lifted and avatars can be summoned.

as a balancing mechanic i would say these Statues are “Fed” by other religion priests. (Not lore friendly but game play friendly) with priests of different tiers lasting longer (a few days for an arch priest to a few hours with a priest)

if a player learns a new religion after level 60 they keep the attribute buffs but their purge bar will permanently be filled faster with a high chance of getting a “Crom Purge” these purges will have no thralls and will be very difficult to manage without any way of stopping them apart from starting again from level 1 (Harsh but fair).

the idea here is to make Crom a more “Hardcore” version of playing the game before 60 to prove the players strength and allow the player to receive benefits later while at the same time the Nullification aura allows player that chose to opt out of religion to stay that way without worrying about a clan calling up a few avatars and wiping you off the map.

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This is…a lot. The whole thing with Crom is…he doesn’t care. He made you, gave you life…what the hell more do you want? He’s utterly uninvolved with Life, the Universe, and Everything. He certainly isn’t going to help you fend off attacks by other “gods” or any other damn thing; you have life, two good arms, two good legs–all you need! Now quit bothering him!

Frankly, if you want more “involvement” by Crom in CE, I’d suggest this: go ahead and give him an altar. The more frequently you pray at it, the more your garner his attention…until he finally drops a meteor on you.

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as i said, as Crom is currently implemented in the game is perfectly lore friendly. But, it isn’t fun and that is the point of this game we are playing.

what i have proposed sounds like fun to me.

Religion is a curious thing in the Exiled Lands. Conan himself says how the gods are not the gods of the outside world, but rather something created by the people of the Exiled Lands. and that kinda fits. I can’t imagine Aquilonian or Nemedian priests of Mitra mutilating dead bodies with a holy scepter to draw a fragment of the deceased person’s soul out in order to make their priestly robes.

The gods of the Exiled Lands are manifestations of the power of faith people have. That power can take the shape and form that resembles the gods people worshiped when they were still free, but those gods themselves have probably nothing to do with what’s going on in the Exiled Lands. If they did, I imagine every statue of Mitra would weep tears of blood non-stop.

From this perspective, Crom, too, can take whatever shape or form his worshipers think would suit him, because it’s not the real Crom, it’s what Crom-worshipers in the Exiled Lands imagine him to be.
(Yes, @Croms_Faithful, this means you can have whatever you want that is Crom-related. I won’t stand in your way.)

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That’s why I like the way they handled Crom in the game, because it’s the only real religion. All the others are simply cosmic vending machines. Crom is the only option that lays out a set of beliefs and a code of conduct for your character, without a contract that “if you do X, I’ll give you Y”.


Hi there Lennie and welcome to the community! If your first post on the forum is to request additional features or fleshing out for Crom, then that tells me that this topic must mean something to you. I am the forums leading campaigner to see Crom given an overhaul and some additional features (call it what you will, Im not going to dwell on semantics), and I have been druming up support for this for over 1.5 years now. My calls and arguing were fundamental in getting our current two Crom Legendaries added into the game, and I have recently hosted the Crom creative design Contest for artists and moders. You know Lennie, what you are asking for here is remarkably similar to what myself and others have been requesting for some time now. If you would like to contribute to the master thread you are most welcome to do so. It is here:

Im sure you will recognise some of the suggestions in the original post. :wink: Furthermore, you will find a whole bunch of lore referenced facts contained within in Post no9. I have to head off to work in a moment, but I will return and talk Crom with you some more when I get off.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:

The only way to Crom is to start with Crom.
Without it, you wont have a complete set.

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Hello there.

to be honest my interest is less about Crom and more about a more workable religion opt out mechanic and Crom seems like the best thing in game to fulfill that role.

to give some context to my position in all my 1000 hours of playing this game i have never summoned an avatar because i take little interest in PvP and more about the building mechanic but playing in single player and a PvE server is Dull without the need for defense and the threat of attack does make the game interesting when the occasional raider does arrive but the avatar is something i would rather not deal with.

that being said, i am new to this community and would like to be moderately active in giving ideas and suggestions and if need be i will give you support in any changes you attempt to implement if i agree with them

I am back, and later than expected too! Forgive Lennie, my work is extremely demanding even at the best of times. But time to discuss your proposal. I feel that the lions share of what you have suggested here is fairly good, so I have given you my like. Furthermore, at this point I am just really want to see Crom expanded upon.

Exactly. And I will further add that so many people overlook this fact. Just because a player selects a religion, or for that matter learns it from a trainer at a later point it does not mean that they are obligated to build a shrine, summon a god or craft items, but the they do, and for that matter should have the freedom to choose whether or not to do so for themselves. Hence ANY religion is actually a potential athiest option. Croms religion, and yes that is what it is a religion is the only one which does not offer this liberty. This should change.

This is the one I am not sold on. While survivability is deeply ingrained in those follow the ways of Crom, and hence it makes a degree of sense from a gameplay perspective it is kind of a downer. The reason for me personally is just that our days of levelling in the game itself just come and go so quickly, especially the first 10 levels. I have been playing for 2 years now, but levelling comprised only a couple of months of that whole time. I would hate to see it go by even faster than it already does. Converse to my viewpoint though, newer PvP players would probably really like this idea, as it would help them get to level 60 faster. Although if Funcom ever did happen to add a Prestige mode, I would welcome this at the drop of a hat.

Now as far as the Crom themed tools, weapons and armor go, I couldnt possibly be more welcoming of them if I tried!

That sounds like a Passive Stats Bonus to me, also quite popular among some players. To me it has always kind of been the boring option, but I would be willing to embrace it.

I am right there with you on the statue Lennie, however I not so much the underpinning concept. Crom would not offer anyone protection, it just wouldnt fit the lore. The thing with Crom artifacts is that they are only man made, and only serve as a tribute or show of allegiance to him (eg-see Croms Hammer, Conans fathers sword, or his religions Insignia). None of them are of a supernatural or magical nature, or are given by Crom himself. Crom would never gift his power to mortals, and the only ‘power’ he would give them would be in the form of something likely to either harm or kill them. The closest thing to something recieved as a ‘gift’ from from Crom (as the Cimmerians see it), is the star metal meteors he hurls. But even then they are not magical in their nature, just very strong metal. Although just as a point of interest regarding their proposed function. Apparently in the early stages of development Crom did actually have an avatar which acted as a form of base defence similar to your statue idea. The idea was that he would kill attacking/enemy avatars by striking them with lightning.

Aye, it is not lore friendly as you acknowledged. The reason being that Robert E Howard himself has explained that Crom does not accept human sacrifice. However, it is very heavily implied that he accepts animal sacrifice. So Pets and Greater pets may actually be more plausible. But please understand that I am not trying to ridicule your ideas or rain on your parade here. Rather I am only trying to explain, in much the same way as I would a friend over a cup of coffee or an ice-cold beer.

Now this ^^ is a popular idea, and one which both myself and many others really like! And oddly enough was also actually slated to be an in-game feature, but sadly didnt make it into the game. Such a shame too I felt, it was like they had a brilliant idea but then second guessed themselves at the last moment. I love the idea of a great, challenging hardcore Crom Purge, and I genuinely feel that your proposed statue may even make for a great catalyst for this.

Oh shoot, forgive Lennie I did not see this post untial after I completed my preceeding reply. I honestly thoroughly dislike that Crom is used as a no religion option; if anything we should just create a new ‘No Religion’ option on the character select screen. A religion should not be a no religion option, this is an oxymoron and a self contradicting statement on the games part, tantamount to a life simulator using either Christianity or Islam as its athiest option. Its just a bad way to represent it.

I am a fellow Singleplayer too buddy. I have only summoned an avatar the once myself, and this was in order to complete the Journey Steps, as I am a completionist at heart. That poor Rotbranch didnt know hit him. :smiling_imp:

Well thanks Lennie, I am much obliged friend! And again wrecome to the cimmunity. We have a pretty good group of people here and I hope you feel at home and a part of it. Speak what is on your mind and I hope you enjoy Conan Exiles as much as we all do. :smiley:

Crom being Crom, of course the way it’s currently done is appropriate. Although, getting a religion to not have one still make you have one; e.i. Crom.

I’d much prefer to see a real opt out of religion (atheist or agnostic or non-believer, etc.) and have choosing Crom a small thing. Could be starting with a handful of rocks or something meaningless like this. Even that is kind of off since you start butt naked as an exile. Having a tattoo that could gives a insignificant stat bonus to encumbrance or strength could be neat too. Not worth much since you lose tattoos when you die, but it would give something “fun” or an illusion of a bonus.

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