Choosing Crom as god

Suggestion : Revamp “Crom” as deity choice, and give passive attributes/perks/bonus to players who choose him as god.

What use to call on him? Little he cares if men live or die. Better to be silent than to call his attention to you; he will send you dooms, not fortune! He is grim and loveless, but at birth he breathes power to strive and slay into a man’s soul. What else shall men ask of the gods?
Conan speaking of Crom in Queen of the black coast

Why ?

  • For the moment, Crom religion is useless. Maybe it’s a way to make a “hard mode”, but i’m pretty sure it’s just an unfinished business or a lazyness proof.

  • In Howard book, nobody pray to Crom, because he never listen or punish those who call for him. He is more a curse than a real protector. But he gives, at birth, to all Cimmerians, the will to endure life and survive. So choosing Crom as divinity should give some special/passive perks or stats bonus (survival ? endurance ? regeneration ? resistance to corruption or poison ?), and nothing more (no special item, no avatar, maybe an altar to buff the special perks …).

  • Low-cost change, with no assets to create.

  • Of course I would need balance, but this change would make it usefull and “lore friendly”, and we would really have “6 religions”.


The problem is you can learn more than one religion and follow every deity.
Under this change everyone would choose Crom at character creation for the perks,
then just learn whatever religion they want in the game from the trainers.

So this would make no difference in the game, except for who players start out with.


There pretty heft Crom topic already, Thou I stop visiting it since alot people are stuck in there ideas of lore…

I just want Journal entries to work. XD

Lore wise what Crom is, (and Devs are pretty keen on staying close to lore, and what can be done gameplay wise, keeping lore or breaking lore. No one really agrees on a change.

Any stat or given bonuses would need to be across all religions. Lore wise, pickers of Crom would get nothing. XD

Actually a simple base stat bonus on Crom wouldn’t be that lore breaking. If your chief deity is all about doing things yourself and relying on your own strength and whatnot, then chances are you’re going to be the type of person who, well, does things on their own. Leading a more rugged life compared to others, you might say. Naturally, this would mean hardier bodies simply by virtue of the fact that you do more labor.

The problem is that, gameplay wise, you’d just be shooting yourself it the foot if you don’t pick Crom. Even if there were some way to learn it later on, you’d either be spending all of your time leveling up without those stat boosts or have to run to the trainer to learn it right away, which kind of cheapens it IMO.

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They can simply configure the lost of bonus when you choose another religion, or making Crom’choice a definitive one …

Maybe even only allowing one religion to be learned could be an option.

I don’t think that will ever happen, it would require the change of a core game feature that has been in the game from day one, I doubt losing the ability to learn all religions is worth the change.

Crom is not useless, it does exactly what it was designed to do.

Not quite. Crom lets mortals determine their own fates through their own actions. He doesn’t actually bestow anything onto the Cimmerians, he just lets them find their own strength.

From a gameplay standpoint, this would end up very unfair. All other religions can be learned in the game for free from trainers, but if you don’t pick crom at the start you can never get it. The passive buff would give those select few people who picked crom an unfair advantage, and any and all future characters would pick crom for those buffs, ruining the point of starting religion picks.

Exactly . I always pick crom because I cannot have it after . Plus I remember that Dev’s said that represents the atheists. However I agree to the idea to take more from this religion . Maybe not the same things like the others religions ,but something else , a buff on stenth for example .

Solid no… Crom is the only god that does not answer prayers. Nothing should benefit a crom worshiper… Like in the books… Also a nice religion to start with (i did so) , as it is the only one that cannot be learned in game… Leave crom alone… he a dark god that pays no attention to mortals and should remain that way

It never ceases to amaze me how locked into the idea of “all choices MUST be equal” people can be. It’s not like the other religions are particularly balanced, either, but since you can just pick them all, it doesn’t really matter.

Other than that, I refer to the 35353 other times I’ve had this discussion and rest my case :smiley:


Since you don’t have to tend to Crom’s temple you can actually play the game!

While not my personal first prefence for some potential additions for Crom, I would still definately support this. While its true that as lot of people say, everyone would likely just pick Crom for the free stats bonus, I personally dont see this as problematic. Outside of Avatar use, which is generally only useful in PvP mode, in my experience we only tend to bother learning any religion in Conan Exiles for the sake of one, or occasionally a couple of useful items. Example? Okay. For me personally Yog Shrine, only use is Purified Flesh. Derketo Shrine, only useful item is Elixir of Freedom. Mitra is an exception for me. I hear some of you ask ‘so what is your point?’ Well for me at least, most of us learn ALL of the religions anyway, we all have equal access to to the benefits offered by each god, and tend to only use one* of its benefits. So does it really matter if we all get around with the same bonus…? To me the answer is no. After all we can all get around with permanent bonuses from armor, and temporary bonuses from buffs at any given time.

I personally would like an Altar. Even if it doesnt actually do anything and just sits there as a placeable. It would afford players such as myself more freedom to roleplay my faith in-game.


The only thing an altar of crom should give is a super-nuclear-purge that attacks you and wipe anything in it path that belongs to the player who tried and summons it. Hardcore or nothin’.


But you can read the citation from the book and learn that Crom help mortal at birth … by giving them the will to survive.

In my opinion something “passive” like gaining a damage modifier for getting “kill streaks” would be fitting for the religion. You make Crom happy by killing your enemies, especially if you kill more of them at once or quick succession. No altars or “praying” needed for that.
Though I bet this would mess with PvP balance and that would make PvPers sad again.

Crom followers don’t need an altar, but rather a forge because Crom is not like other gods. Though there should be certain requirements that a player must meet to get the forge of Crom:

  1. Must reach level 60
  2. Must survive a purge
  3. Must survive a sandstorm
  4. Must kill a certain number of enemies that are not cimmerians
  5. Must have at least one named cimmerian thrall

i entered exiled lands as adult

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I still see it as lazyness, and a post-launch excuse for lack of work. If they wanted to let player choose no god, then why just not propose it as “no god” ? And why pretending having a 6 gods system in game, if one god has no content ?

I’m just proposing something lore-friendly to “finish the job”.