Point system for religion

This is a repost from a lengthy thread concerning the great divide between players that want to be able to use all the religions vs players that want a more realistic use of religion. Basically it is a compromise. If each religion had 5 levels of mastery… with summoning a God at the top level, then why not make each level cost a “faith point”. Players receive a faith point every 10 levels they experience normally leveling up their character. They can spend them all on 1 religion, or spread them out to all religions, but only to the first levels. To reset (and renounce your faith points spent) you journey to the master you intend to spend a point at, and they reset it in exchange for doing a task or providing them with items. Crom worship needs to be a thing though. A priest at a special hard to reach forge requires you to make steel using normal means plus ice. You get bonus points to your characters attributes for each faith point you spend on Crom religion. You can’t summon Crom ofcourse, nor does he actually grant you these bonuses. It’s actually your own doing by believing in Crom.


Frame challenge: Being limited to one god isn’t “realistic”, it’s just the more prevalent today. Ancient religions were quite often more open and “pantheon” based, with different gods for different aspects of life.

Anyway, I kinda fail to see the value in this. If you feel it’s wrong for your character to worship multiple gods, by all means stick to one. It’s your character’s choice in a world/setting that generally does NOT have this limitation, so it’s largely a self-imposed one.

Eh, I’m not sure I agree it “needs” to be a thing, but at least this suggestion is acceptable compared to most of the OP nonsense people suggest for picking Crom.


How many Hindu Muslims are out there, or Jewish Wiccans? I’m talking mono theism, not Greek polytheism led by Zeus. We seem to have different ideas about what a religion is. Mitra and Sett are absolute enemies. They are both Gods in their own right, but they still sit apart. They are not two manifestations of the all encompassing Bramah, like how Shiva and Vishnu are in Hinduism. Sorry if I got the names wrong Hindu brethren that may play this game!

Nice idea that religion point thing.
Do you already have the certain steps in mind?
Like will points 1-3 be the altars/temples followed by god protection (4) and after that the avatar like you said for full mastery (5)?

I would like a god vs god vs god thingy, which may be done while implementing those suggestions.

Actually I think I’ve read about how Mitra loathes the others gods, which then leads Mitrean believers to go to war with fanatics of other religions. This would potentially lead to war against all other religions.

There might be bonuses against players which dont believe in the same god the attacking player does.
Or maybe special (combat related) passive bonuses for each fifth point?
Just some additional suggestion - an idea which isnt too well thought through, but… It just came to my mind.

  • Set might apply poison on hit.

  • Yog might apply bleed on hit.

  • Ymir might cause frostbite for a set duration on hit.

  • Jhebbal might deny stamina regeneration for 5 seconds on hit - possibly with dmgbuff for enemy as well. (Causing frenzy.)

  • Mitra might grant permanent that heavy attack armor.

  • Crom might grant a basic amount of armor penetration. (~20%?)
    (Then again Crom would be needed to be accessed after character creation as well - maybe at Conan himself?)

  • Derketo might apply decent chunks of corruption?

Not to mention these would add stacks if a yoggite would use daggers or a setite who uses eighter poison or snakearrows. Accuracy 4th perk would apply on Crom bonus as well.
… or of course having archers who choose Yog and use snake arrows cause bleed as well… Melting away!
Also these might be against enemy religion only - so no poisoning if two setites fight with each other.

Sorry for hijacking. Though I really only meant to think ahead.

And to everyone who wonders if those things where a player has to choose his very own path and playstyle will negate the whole sandbox thinking. I dont think that is true.
If each player has the same possibilities no matter what stats they use and no matter what they might decide on… such a game is bound to become a low number strategies game.

If a bearer is skilled enough (and his opponent fights fair and is less skilled) he can slaughter a 50 strenght guy AND move all the loot and whatever else back home. That seems broken to me.
50 encumbrance should be about looting/moving stuff and farming/gathering.

IMO choices (limitations) do add more depth to games.


Or cloning of builds.

Sure, but those people will always be there. Still fighting builds would be fighting builds.
Ever since perks got introduced, I guess this was the sole fate one could anticipate.

Speaking for myself, I tend to want to understand the game and its mechanics myself instead of being a dumb copycat who doesnt even understand how the build I just copied works…

Also this wont delete yellow lotus potions (or their “enhanced” versions) so it will still stay a softcore thingy.
There is no risk of skilling the toon wrongly and that being permanent thus there is no risk at all.
This serves both those who like to dive deeper into a game while also keeping those who prefer a light experience at bay. I think…

Weak strawman is weak. You’re deliberately misunderstanding me, and you know it.

Well yes, but you’re talking about it as if it’s “realistic”, when polytheism is - at the very least - just as common for the time period mimicked in Hyboria.

Sure. But you don’t see anyone claim that because one exists, the other doesn’t. In fact, the priests of both religions seem to acknowledge the existence of the other (they vilify it, of course, it’s what they’re expected to do).

Conan himself worships none of the gods (he “follows” Crom, but since Crom is a passive god and doesn’t want active worship that doesn’t amount to much). But Conan takes (or gets) the help / uses the tools of several of the gods, including Jhebbal Sag and Mitra. Probably several others that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

My point is, monotheism is not the natural state of things, it may be the most prevalent in our world today, but that doesn’t make it the only valid choice for the Hyborian Age, even if it may (for RP reasons) be the right choice for a given character.

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How about a Christian Satan worshiper?

A point system for religion would be a great addition to the game and would bring balance. Those most devout to a particular religion (each God heads their own cult) gains the most favor of said God. Those that are not as faithful can dabble with all, but be a master of none.

I don’t believe religions should provide any passive benefits to players directly, maybe to their altars for defense purposes since the current strategy is placing them somewhere to cover their base in the bubble that blocks them out.

As for the OP, we can safely assume that any such feature could come with the ability to be changed by private server settings, so perhaps the point cap could be adjusted to suit everyone’s needs.

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In the comics Conan and ymir’s daughter almost become married to one another.

Or just do the easy way by make t2+ more point expensiv.

At first players could only choose 1 religion. Then someone must have complained or somehow the designer had a change of vision and suddenly they had no limits. This limited the original gameplay. I see a consistent pull by some players to have no limits in most aspects of the game. They want all the religions at once, they want unlimited encumbrance, the want no penalties for deaths, harvest rate set to high, equipment to weigh very little, bosses with lower hp, mini maps with blips for other players, teleports, zero construction time for structures, and so forth. In essence stripping the game down to a arcade style mortal combat game. I suggest that the devs should have public servers with a variety of settings. That way some of us can have an immersive experience, and others can have their arcade experience.

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Considering Conan Exiles is a sandbox game and not an RPG I don’t think limitations to religion or race stats will ever be a thing.

An immersive experience and challenging circumstances to overcome make this sandbox survival game enjoyable. Imagine they make attribute points unlimited. Some would push for that but it would ruin the game. The challenge is to use whats presented and survive nature and other players in pvp. If it’s too easy to do that, boredom sets in and players go play other games.

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Unlimited attributes vs changing religion to lock away portions is two very different things. I totally agree that unlimited attributes would very well push away many players. However I like the fact religion isn’t restricted and would greatly kill my appreciation of the sandbox feel of the game if it did. As the game stands, not counting glitches and bugs, no one player has advantage over another unless they put themselves into a disadvantage.

There should be no need to restrict religions for players in a polytheistic open sandbox world. But beside of the fact every player is able to learn every religion and to use their advantages every time he wants it would be a need to enhance the status of the releigion system. Right now I don’t feel very ambitious to engage with a special religion. The election of a religion in Conan Exiles seems completely arbitrary. The player does not feel that this choice is really important to him and the development of his character.
Actually Conan Exiles gives the player the possibility to specialize in weaponry/fighting, building/grinding and alchemy/religion. Even a mix is possible. In all times you have the possibility to change this specialization in whatever you want. In fact you have admission to any advantages anytime. This is open sandbox. So instead to restrict this admission Funcom should make it more interesting to make a clear choice for one of these specializations, for example a special religion, meaning the player should be able to worship all gods but he must choose one special god to get all his advantages and to use all his stuff. This means also that the player shouldn’t be able to use religious high tier stuff (build for him by a clanmember) when he doesn’t specialize in this religion of his clanmember although the T3 Altar of this god is part of his base. Right now I am able to use i.e. Mitras Cross even if I did not learn the recipe.
If you force the player to know the recipe not only for the ability to build it but to use it at least for it’s advantages then this could be an enhancement for the religion system. So getting advantages by knowing the special recipe is a point worth being discussed.

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Christians do believe in Satan and God. Along with angels and demons. Just becaus i go to church and pray to God, doesn’t mean that Satan doesn’t have influence in some of my choices. Think of the Gods in Conan like that. One may follow a certain God, but the influence of the others will always be there.

I do believe the younger generation is starting to pull multiple ideas and paths from the different religions in the world. Taking what they need to form their personal belief and path to being successful.
Conan offers that choice. Take what you believe you need from each god to be successful at the game. Removing it shrinks the sandbox.

In doing so everyone will choose Mitra or set. My point is by restriction we’ll have a vastly larger player base of one or two religions let alone the fact the religions don’t offer equally balanced end tier items. Ymir would for example would be rarely played if at all. When is the last time you came across any of his equipment now?

You’re certainly right that there should be an overhaul for the different religions in Conan Exiles. It must be much more interesting to worship the gods. And in my opinion there should be more scenarios for the avatars than siege scenarios.
But restrictions as a common feature in an open sandbox game will not be accepted by the community although I see the advantages of these restrictions for a more differentiated gameplay.
But if you want to play with those restrictions then soon you will be able to do this with a mod which will be released very soon. This mod will allow restrictions of Placeables like temples/Altars for players and clans. You even will be able to build groups of Placeables forcing the clans to choose a special religion. The mod will be completely modular.


Sorry, but what a strawman. There’s no correlation between these things. I see you have failed to address any of my points, and just started painting those who disagree with you as “you want ez mode boo hoo” kids.

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