Religion System Overhaul

Here is an outline I belive would make the religions much more active and important in CE gameplay.

  1. Equality, fill in the blanks of the non beta religions, for instance Relic hunters call out battle crys to Set or Defari mention Yog upon death. Most of the other religions dont have this nor do they have emotes to thier religious customs. For example a worship emote that does an animalist howl for Sag. As well add in a few GODDESS religions, such as Ishtar, Kali, and Wiccana.

  2. Balance. Each religion should offer similar things but within the restriction of that religions customs. As a guideline for this balance ALL religions should have:
    A. A healing/vitality item.
    B. A combat weapon.
    C. In addition to religious attire should have a set of each type of combat armor.
    D. A banner/placeable identifying religious claim.
    E. An animal skin for specific animal types rendering them into effigies/Demi-Avatars.

CROM would be included but in a different aspec. Croms faithful would have to be found worthy. Said religious recipes would be obtainable only through a series of quests given by Conan himself.

  1. Religion rivalry. NPC aggro would be able to identify player primary religion and aggro if said religion is of a rival to thier own. Example, a Mitra player heads to Sepermarru ALL NPC’s there would aggro where a Set player only the bandits would aggro.

  2. Divine intervention. Much like the purge meter this bar would fill based on the clan’s faith or how often they craft in the shrine of the clan’s primary god. Once filled the clan leader can select a location on them map that spawn a purge of the gods followers to cleanse the area of the heretics. Either that or much like the god bubble it renders all clan assets and members invulnerable for 24hrs.

  3. Primary? As ive mentioned a few times, with religion trainers would be impossible to restrict players to just one religion, and so under Clan Tab the clan leader would have the option to choose the clan’s primary religion. Which would give access to my last point.

  4. Tier 4 shrines. As before you gain access to all previous items. However a T4 shine has a 1 per clan limit and can only be accessed if that god is the clans chosen primary. T4 shrines would give access to the Divine intervention bar and the religious combat gear previously mentioned. It would also allow clans to declare a religion war onto a clan with an opposing T4 shrine.

Not exactly sure how balanced this system would be or if it would prevent exploitation as intended, but perhaps an excellent Modder could find a way to implement and test this theory?

Opinions? @Croms_Faithful


YES! So much yes! I absolutely adore all of this, especially #3.

There are just a few little points of feedback I’d like to offer, if you don’t mind.

I like this very much, but I would suggest that different religions have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to this. Something along the lines of “Mitra’s healing item is better than Ymir’s, but Ymir has a much better weapon”. Give people a reason to prefer one over another based on they play style, as opposed to making everything a reskin of the same old same old.

Another alternative would be to give each religion two new recipes that work similar to how the convergence trap works on Siptah: both would use up a hefty amount of zeal (or some new dedicated resource), but one would reset your purge meter to zero as a form of divine blessing, and the other would fill it up to provoke a purge from your chosen deity’s enemies.


It goes without saying balance a statistics would need to be tested and tweeked. Thats why its a basic outline of what the religion system could be. Or if nothing else a glimse ito the direction it should be taken moving forward.


I’m here for all of this, especially an addition of Kali.

Religion related war paints would be a nice addition too. Whether they be decorative or functional with slight boosts.


Warpaints that halt the decay of harvested religions materials while active would be useful.

Mitra halts decay of essence
Set prevents hearts from rotting
Yog stops the purified flesh from spoiling

less useful for those that do not decay, but perhaps they instead offer a harvesting tool durability buff while active, preventing durability loss while the paint is active.

is this needed? not really. would it possibly be useful? sure, as long as crafting then isn’t needlessly complex or so resource intense s as to make it a losing proposition.


Warpaint idea is great so long as they aesthetically dont clash with the religion armor. For example a Derketo warpaint would look stupid bright pink with black and gold armor, white however would match the skull mask.


Or a warpaint for the summoner, giving a little prolongation during invocation of the god. Of course it would be consumed in the process.


Sure, plenty good ideas here in this tread.
Still was looking for more purpose, and that in a way the choice mattters more we make.

Then not sure how popular it would be to restrict players to just one religion, even worse if it’s restricted by clan.
The other aspect, it’s in ancient times, people often had different believes inside same cultures, clans, and they didn’t still care lot about.
"What god are you praying ? " - “Oh, is he powerful ?” This kind of discussion, you know. :wink:

But yes, i don’t like see bases and clans cluttered with all kind of altars, just to get multiple buffs, and attributs, but it’s not easy to do it fitting for all, nearly impossible. But still, let’s try. I would love more reason to chose a given religion, and that this choice impact on my game-play.

I like most everything here. However, the only true issue I see is the rivalry. If your unable to go to Seper without being murdered, how are you to meet with Conan, shopkeeps, learn new trades, etc? I do get the concept and meaning, none-the-less. Exiled Zealots that will either attack or aid you depending on Religion. I especially like the balance aspect. This could be worked to a degree that could force a player to actually make a choice during creation as to which religion they go with. Especially if you are restricted to what other religions you can learn later on.

Yup. I like this suggestion also RavenS117. I may not be able to reply to each of the aspects I would like to now, as its getting late here. But I will at least make a start.

YES! This is one of the things I have been barking for for literally years now. And it is so simple, yet would add so much to the game. At the very least, a weapon(s), armor and placeable/decoration for each of the religions. The animal skin was something which I had never considered, but I think it is great thinking myself.

Agree to this too. I was kind of left scratching my head a little bit when these newer religions were added and they didnt have their own emote. I can think of some gret ones for Derketo off the top of my head. It just feels like each of them, while they have much depth already compared to other games such as Skyrim, are just short the final steps to ice the cake, make them truly impactful, and for that matter even more fun. And personally I am starting to get that vibe from within the community; we want our religions to feel deeper and more meaningful, and have more gravity to them.

I will try to post more after work tomorrow.


It would make going to Sepermeru riskier for “true believers” of a certain religion, but there are mitigating factors.

One of those is that you need to select a religion as your primary (from what I understood), so that would make it a conscious choice, and one that you can change (hopefully at some cost).

Another mitigating factor is that Conan, merchants, and other “critical” NPCs are immune to damage, so even if you get aggroed, you’ll be able to talk to them… if you survive :wink:

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Different districts and quarters of the city. Like the relic-hunters, tiefs and all that.

Some market-places with more “open minded” merchants, that don’t care what people they get their gold from. :moneybag:
But much more risky places where some inhabitants live, maybe some groups will hide, or else.

You could also see Conan in the middle of a big brawl, and you can talk to him once he slaughtered them all, and ko’ed the camel. :rofl:


Oh I had several as Derketo is almost always my choice but felt it would have been inappropriate and distracting from the main topic.

Yes a primary religion would be chosen after character creation either by clan leader or by clan majority. And i would expect that to change it would require a fragment or tablet of power to be spent.

Yes in my idea the aggro i mentioned would only effect NPCs with specific religious ties. Such as relic hunters, dogs of the desert, lemurians at the pagoda, and so on. All other NPCs would aggro as normal. However this would allow freedom of movement for some players. For example a Yog worshipper could walk into the summoning place unimpeded, or a Ymir worshipper could do the same in New Asgarath.


Lol been waiting to see what else you would say. Or add if you think i missed something.

Also any modders think there is a way to mod this to test the balance potential?

No dont worry RavenS117 I hadnt forgetten about you. My work is pretty darn demanding, and I also have a family. I always seem to have a big backlog of forum messages. To make a point on this issue, I have been unable to build inside my base, with most of its pieces now showing as ‘no owner’ since the console parity patch, and am now overdue to reply to some messages in its thread. Now then onto buiness. I was going to reply to a couple of other items on your original post.

Like this one too. And I would also support a feature suggested in a separate thread too, whereby if we wear that factions armor, ie-disguise ourselves, we can travel their capitals without drawing NPC agro and make them non-hostile. For example, Fallout New Vegas stands as a great system with this feature.

Yep I also VERY strongly support this one! While we sjould have the freedom to learn and have all religiins active, I would love a system where we can upgrade our favourite faith to T4. I also agree that each clan should only be able to have only one T4 shrine active at a time. If the only way I can get something…anything Crom related is to make him my T4 choice, ehich lets face it I would anyway, yhen so be it! I would be willing to work my hump off to get some more Crom goodies.

@RavenS117 there are two additional things I would like to see covered in any possible Crom additions. They are a) the ability to complete the Journey Steps without betraying Crom, b) a way to learn his religion in game, and c) a way to destroy rival religious artifacts or ‘offerings’.

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Yeah. Most people don’t actually look like worshippers of a certain religion - you can’t tell just by looking whether someone is a follower of Mitra, Ishtar, Derketo or Set. And if you’re walking in a Setite city, you should know better than shout “Glory to Mitra!” to every passer-by.

So, normally unaggressive NPCs should remain unaggressive unless you’re specifically wearing religious items of an opposing religion. But I like the idea of turning normally aggressive NPCs unaggressive if you disguise yourself as one of those.


True. On the other hand, each of us is the hero (or the villain) of this story. It stands to reason that the NPCs can recognize the notorious Mitra-worshipper Kapoteeni, whose exploits in Exiled Lands are stuff of legend! :wink:

Before this thread popped up, I used to fantasize about having a “renown system” in Conan Exiles, where you would gain fame or notoriety with each faction depending on your actions. Perhaps that idea could be merged into the religion overhaul proposal here?

Ymir-worshipper, apparently - at least according to one of Multigun’s (now-obsolete) mods:

But you do have a point - at some point, word of our character’s exploits probably starts to get around. Hence, we need disguises. Ball caps and sunglasses should suffice, according to superhero comics.

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Most definately. Renown either of fame or infamy or completely unknown would be a good way to measure the aggro. Though so not to make another bar to watch could use the faith and follower number to determain noteriety??? Open to debate.