Suggestion about the different religions

To make the game more challenging every single player should be limited to worship just one God. This would make player more interact and trade with each other and is far more realistic than the system we have now. Also the Gods should give you a specuial perk. For example Mitra more strenght, Derketo accuracy or whatever…

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Derketo should give us more stamina, if you get my meaning.

Actually I’d prefer to see unique traits from the religions. But I have no ideas for them at the moment.
We can already get attribute bonuses from gear, war paint and buffs. It’d be kind of redundant.

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I agree. I would like to see an affinity bar or something. Realistically back in the day people used to worship multiple higher beings at once. There is a game mechanic I read about where you can steal other alter’s zeal tokens if you’re of a different religion. I think if you could only worship one god it would create harder lines in the sand, so to speak.