Another idea for Religion overhaul

So I posted about a way to “overhaul” or “enhance” religions,
(Enhance religions)

and I thought of another way today.

When you reach 60, and you get a temple to T3, and you have a T4 priest in the temple, you currently can create the bubble or the name of the diety token.

Here is what I suggest. Change that current mechanic. (even for pvp).

Have the new mechanic be that once you get T3 temple, with T4 priest AND you hit the 60 level cap, that you can “dedicate” yourself to a specific diety. (but this can only be done once to a single deity. THey could add a different potion similar to the yellow lotus potion to “reset” the dedication so you could switch deities) In doing so, it unlocks those previous abilities (no real change to how you make/get them). But the following also happens.

-The level cap would increase to “X” number. Doesnt really matter how high you make the number. Create a NEW Feat section for each specific deity that you gain access to from dedicating.

-In this tree you would get 1 point to spend per level, but things would still cost 3-4 or 4-5 points to buy after maybe the first couple items. This way after hitting lvl 61 or 62 you wouldn’t be getting something every level after that. What you could get could be; additional placeables based on the religion, additional weapon sets for end game content centered on the religion, armor sets, visual changes (like maybe a colored aura that matches the beam of light from the specific temple) etc. This would give you more stuff to do after hitting the cap. More levels to grind but stuff to earn as well.

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