Enhance religions

So the mechanic for religions is pretty cool. Create a religion specific tool, harvest ‘insert_resource_here’ from thralls and profit!!

Some religions have placeables. Set has Braziers, Mitra has statues etc.

Add in religion specific armors/weapons. Now…yes, they do technically already exist, but I don’t think anyone is going to argue that Phoenix-engraved Sword, or the Mitra cloth armor is actually useful.

Considering it takes a good amount of resources to upgrade the temples to T3 it doesn’t seem to make much sense to have this religion specific gear that literally no one (outside of maybe someone trying to RP) is going to use.


-Add in religion specific end game armor/weapons. Give a set bonus condusive to that religion. IE, maybe Mitra adds an additional couple points of health regen per second, Set gives poisen resistance etc.

-I would even go as far as saying that when you select your religion at character creation, that it has to be selected as your “Primary” religion, and that while you CAN have the other temples, your primary is the only one that the temple can be upgraded to T3 (meaning you could only have access to ONE of these armor/weapon sets at a time.

-Create process of denouncing, or, Changing primary religion.

-Create player available buff from T3 temple with T4 thrall: I think that the religions play a bigger role in PVP, with use of the summon diety, and bubbles, but in PVE, they play less of a role. Add in something to spend the manifestation of zeals on. Maybe like a short (20-30 min?) resource gathering buff, or a rally cry to buff your thralls (thinking for purge time?) etc.


Personally I firmly believe that religions need to be more relevant.

It would be nice if all of them had at least one placeable each.

A couple of additional pieces for each would also be great.

At the end of the day I have found most of the ideas you presented agreeable.

Oh and and Im sure that everyone is expecting me to say it, to so I shant disappoint. Yes, Crom should also receive further additions, just as the other religions should.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


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