Religion feats need an update

First off can all religion resources not have a spoiler timer. A body is needed for each resource. I feel since you only get x1 religion resource per body. That religion resource shouldn’t spoil.

I want full set of of all weapon types. I also want iron,steel, harden steel and star metal types of full weapon types. Full weapon types are One-Handed Axe,One-Handed Mace, One-Handed Sword,One-Handed Speats,One-Handed Shield, Two-Handed daggar, Two-Handed Mace, Two-handed Sword, Two-handed Spear, Bow,Arrow and Throwing Axe. Each weapon is has the religion symbol on it. Each weapon type has a theme of the Gods. That includes Crom weapons.

I want full sets of religion Armors and clothing. Each religion would have Clothes,Light Armor,Medium Armor and Heavy Armor. Each armor has an Epic version of that same armor set. That includes Crom Armors.

Each religion needs their own furniture. Tables,chairs and etc.

I feel the more religion has the more people will roleplay as that religion. I don’t like avatars. Too messy. I prefer to keep my Temple to Derketo and Set.

Forgot something.

Religion armors are more element protection and corruption protection than armor protection. Corruption resistance only removes a certain amount of corruption you gain. So a player with corruption resistance of max +10 corruption damage in heavy corrupt areas would -10 resistance gain in those areas. Religion Armors also removes corruption.

Basic religion armor: Has heat,cold and corruption resistance. Base is +1 per equip piece.

Light Armor set is 75 max Armor.
Medium Armor set is 150 max Armor.
Heavy Armors set is 300 max Armor.

Epic: Is +2 resistancs.

Light Armor: set is 250 max Armor.
Medium Armor Set is 450 Max Armor.
Heavy Armor set is 600 Max Armor.

Each religion Armor has a stat bonus of +2 to all stats.

Each religion weapon has a +1 bonus to all stats.


There are a few different aspects of this suggestion which I want to tease out here Bryan, but you will find this reply to be a largely positive one on my part. The first is this.

Religion Resources Decay Time: I have always found this one curious myself, and kind of inconsistent too. Why do Ice Shards and Slithers of the Unfulfilled not expire while all other resources do? One could pull up ‘realism’ and argue that Hearts and Unblemished meat are just that, and should therefore expire. But then shouldnt the aforementioned Slithers and Shards rot/melt respectively too!? I mean…a Heart of a Hero doesnt expire. I agree that they should not expire, but either way, it should be consistent.

Full sets of Weapons & Armor: I worry that this would make all of the many (hypothetical) additions too similar, and they will lose their unique creative flair. And then there is the excess clutter which will emerge in the shrines crafting menu.

Furniture/Ornaments: While it may seem a bit frivolous to have a Set table and a Yog chair, etc, a table with legs made from coiled stone snakes, and a chair made from human bone respectively could look cool. Its not like people are obligated to use them. Moreover, I have long argued that ALL gods should have an ornament/idol like the Snake Idol or Skeletal Decoration. Plus Im such a sucker for more placeables, and you are spot on regarding the roleplaying value.

Then finally there is this:

You have thrown your support behind an issue which is VERY dear to me here, and which I have long been a proponent of. Im not going to belabour on about this and debate its merits here; I said my peace. Although I will say thankyou for including Crom in your suggestion.

How could I not give you a like for it.


Might have something to do with hearts, unblemished human meat and lingering essence being consumable while slivers and shards are not.

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Disagree. Way too many weapons and stuff then.

I do like the thought of getting “Crom” weapons and armor.

Thats too much.
But: A full actually unique set of civil gear would be awesome! (Reason: Only one additional set plus most of them already exist - however they arent unique. What’s up with Mitra looking like lvl 0 gear?..)

While I do prefer getting a crapton of placables, I do have issues with calamitous and savage steel (plus some minor mods regarding decorations) and my machine not being able to keep up at low grafics.

Before they changed Ymir, there was sort of consistency. Hearts, Unblemished meat and Lingering essence could be used to produce an item on their own. But you needed five ice shards to make anything on the Ymir altar, and a Sliver of the Unfulfilled plus additional materials to craft anything on the Derketo altar. So those human bits that could be converted into an item + zeal had a decay timer, whereas those that couldn’t did not.

But now that Ymir can make one ice for one Ice shard, this logic no longer applies. That’s the idea of consistency I thought they used to have, though.

You know buddy when I saw the reply I though we were headed down that well travelled path, but nay. I actually never thought of that. Could do, but then the Sacred Blood used at the JhebbelSag shrines expires, but its not a consumable (or is it…?).

Armors and weapons mostly are for role playing factor. As well as religion players. I hate avatars. I love Derketo Acolyte set. Weapon sets base on Iron,Steel,Harden Steel and Star metal offers noobs-Max Level a way to progress with the chosen religion. Armors sets of light,medium and heavy offers a roleplaying element and allows an Arch priest better gaurds. Epic Armor version to keep up with higher level areas. Robe sets with a hood feature could be added as clothing for priest,high priest and arch priest. The difference in robes style and symbol could off unique looks but defalut religion clothes. Maybe Mitra light blue as a defult color.

You can never have too much religion stuff. After all more designs are always welcome. To you it just a reskin weapon and armor to a religion invested player it is everything.

I forget the official name for crazy religion warriors. Those warriors running around scream which religion they belong to on purge. Religion weapons and armors allows for these warriors. Then underground cults that worth looting for gold,silver,feasts and etc.

I think you’ve missed my point here.
I like the idea of more diversity in clothes. Because the current situation is, that mitrean clothes look BLEEEEH, while yoggite is a reskin without any special charms or else. Ymir was added later and just looks like vanir heavy. Bleh. And so on.
Instead, maybe a certain color might be picked for different religions.

When it comes to decorations, i.e. my grafics card cant really handle vanilla with all DLCs plus two certain mods which come with a huge crapton of different decorations.

I rather decorations not be a dlc. I don’t want religion a pay to use fully. Religion part of the main Conan series. Denying religion weapons and armors feels like a wasted opportunity to bring back old players and new players. I want tons of clothing. Clothing and Armors are two difference things.

There an armor set for every race. Religion needs armor sets and weapon sets.

Feels like religion is just avatar and not a social thing. Adding more to religion allows you to play as a warror of set. Or maybe your clan a cult member of set. More options offers more of your own story.

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