Religion needs an update ,clothing slots and Captain/Commander armors

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Funcom hopefully my idea becomes a free update. This way it brings new life to Conan Exiles. While also improving Conan Exiles.

I want clothes under my armors. Clothing has zero armor protect. Clothing has only three uses.When repairing armor you are not force to put on another armor set or be naked. Role players can role play as civilans or townspeople. While Clothing has zero armor protection it does have high cold and heat protection. Clothin can’t break. Clothing parts only shows up when removing armor. This way all armors are shown and not cover up by clothing. Players can walk around nude if they are not wearing clothes and armors.

Religion needs an update. Religion is boring and dull. Avatars should be permanent removal. If avatars are remove then shirnes no longer show up on the map and shirnes should be allow to be built. Also all religion resources should NOT spoil. Every religion tool should harvest 10 religion resource. Reason is for all shirne items. Avatar bubbles are gone if Avatars are gone.

Every religion should have new items.

Building parts T3 reskin religion structures. No Building parts for Crom.

New armors-Every religion should get its own light,medium and heavy armor sets. These armors sets are like the 3 defaults when you unlocked armorer feat. Reskin armors with bonus heat and cold protection. Religion armors are like basic armors stats but with bonus to heat and cold.

New furniture items. Reskin furniture items. As well as some other special religion only furniture items. No furniture items for Crom.

Religion weapons-Every religion gets Iron,Steel,Harden steel and star metal version of every weapon type. This way religion weapons are balance. Iron,Steel,Harden steel and Star metal has same design but different colors.

Religion clothing same as clothing but reskin. Crom does not h

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