Epic religious armors

Give religious armor an epic version.

for high lvl RPG and extra oomf.

Every outher armor have an epic version so why not this ones…


I agree. :+1: Not only the religious armor epic versions should be added. The T4 priests who create the armor do not provide the same advantages as the armourers at the station. Some of their types don’t do what they should.

:memo:: The balance between religions could be improved. Some are less profitable. Some have placeable objects, others don’t.

Epic armor versions have already been suggested, other changes too…
The question is why has this not been corrected / added yet?

There are just many more important things to improve. :confused:

While I really wish I could see the religions in the game shine again, other things are more urgent.
I like :heart: :heart: this idea a lot and hope that we will see these changes one day. Maybe along with the announcement of sorcery? :mage: :heart_eyes:


Agree! Religions need to have more relevance than they currently do.


ye, some benefits in the armor of your god…


I have often wondered this, but I would think if added they would need to require additional exotic materials to craft. I would like the epic versions if added to have maybe a new ability type (like hallowed) to further separate them from other epic items. I would love to see more expansion to the religion items and abilities as a whole to the game.


I wouldn’t mind epic Ymir armor for sure. Some of the better looking base game armor IMO.

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Exotic crafting materials, like @Sairdontis proposition, are a good idea.

I got bored of crafting armor from exactly the same materials - I know this problem is mostly for DLC armors, but I’d love to see more variety overall.

Imagine :brain: if you had to cut off the dragon’s :dragon_face: head to make your own shoes; that you need shards of power to make earrings; that without the lion carcass :lion: you will not make pants (or carpet).

As for skills, the mask from Set’s religion (Setite Mask) already has a special ability - breathing in a sandstorm. The rest of the armors should have something too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was also thinking that the gods would require more than just basic materials for their more important and powerful artifacts. Powerful items need powerful materials. All the gods require tributes for most items , maybe more potent tributes could be required for the gods to allow you the use of their powers.


or you could do PC fashionsta mod and or outfitter mod and wear it for look but wear a different gear for stats

I would love to do this, however official servers do not permit mods.

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In my brains religion in conan need to be fixed or overhauled complete

  1. Need to make available one religion at a time, because whats the point then to get epic armor on some legion…
  2. Each religion should get some kind of magical items - like those damn choo-choos now at siptah, they actually use magic, if thats not spoiler for upcoming magic for players then i dunno why those goblins has blood and fire magic… almost like in AOC
  3. And last is my opinion what at this point magic could be

So about third - each religion should have get some special only to that religion based items, stats and feat/perks not only avatar and this would work like this inspiration is based on already ingame religions and special stuffs

So this is my idea now

I imagine conan religions like
Crom - Dont give fu** about any pray never shows himself but u could be able to build altar tho its not giving anything except some decoratives… Like impaled witches and later maybe some magic when players complete special tasks because crom i think is based on chimerians with magic…

Derketo - Life and death lust and pain, this religion should give ability to trick death the decoratives it give should be well yep lustfull like in conan … but ability more like magic example may be - when u fight and u get killed while timer on respawn, u may choose to spend the Sliver of the Unfulfilled (100x with bigger decay timer now) to revive urself. Or thrall or ally nearby but it cost 100x each.
Also derketo folower should be able to break thralls faster and get T4 wheel that increases breeaking speed and ammount of thralls in it because derketo is like pain and pleasure

Jhebbal sag - Master of beasts, soo this one should give decors that is like living in wilds, some animals aint agroing on sight, at some tier altar u can use some potion of beast:

  1. Potion of werewolf - turns u into werewolf and u can be like with claws…
  2. Potion of Harpy/Jhil - U dont turn into anything but u grow wings and can fly for 1 minute ( i guess its fine and long enough to reach top mountain almost in siptah , tho it may be problem landing then or other player bases )
  3. Potion of Fishmen - dagon scales + sacred blood (quantity dunno) + 1 glass flash will give u potion that for well ok i think this one is for derketos in some dungeon already XD ok my fault , so i stop there but u got my idea next may be potion of rhino that maxs out damage resistance for 1 minute… ETC

Mitra - this one is actual almost like christianity at nowatimes, I guess this diety should give some special armors that can hold up heat and cold … and absorbs damage a little into healing ( poison to heal ) but because i dont played on this one never and i dont like rhode collossus i dunno what i can suggest there

Set - Egyptian style decors like pillars, sphinxes, etc, based they lived in desert this religion should be only one with mitra included who could build wells in desert and no-one else should be able to build wells at raw desert like 500meters + from water in desert oasis only set/mitra should be able to build this(means no wells on sands), also because set is desert based religion followers of this religion may recieve speed boost at desert and also should be only ones that can provide deffense from ANY storm for example no need to remove sandstorm mask - just its like without sandstorm mask u get 100% damage with sandstorm mask u get 50% damage , but with set mask u get 5% damage (because at logical point , no mask can actual fully cover all sand and storm damage :smiley: atleast i once had in storm with mask because of covid, well i may say maybe conan had special masks but ye… )

Ymir - Cold giant provides imunity from cold when all others freeze to death… Aesir power rages inside them, they can go berzerker when almost death by instakilling enemies who has 10% HP left but only if they has themselfs 5 % HP left, some new armors ofcourse… Some Asgard decors

Yog - this tentacled hentai god should give us naked aborigen womans as thralls (ok we have them already from surges , i have 3 naked carpenters :smiley: ) and imunity to all kind of raw meats and foods that others may get poisoned and die, also bone decors and canibal huts as decors… i aint played on yog tho so i dont have much ideas… just like on mitra

Zath - Well new religion but already i would like to see NOT lobotomised spiders that actual fight not kills allys or not fight at all, magic set like spiderman that can shoot webs on ground to slow down all creatures, imunity to poison (spider ones ) cobweb decors… etc

Keep in mind - this is my idea only it should and need to be improved, but most thing to make it true someday , if not counting on what devs may thing about it :smiley: the religions need to be set 1 per player, with chance to change it after completing hard quests for each religion priest, like

if u want to change from YMIR to Yog u need to proove urself and bring Heart OF titan to that priest, means u need to summon YMIR god, then somehow Kill it ( yes u cant because u are controling this, so other player helps u to do this ) get its heart and bring it toYoG priest that then awards u with Yog religion but u lost all perks and bonuses from YMIR then ( only items are kept ) but if its like potion of beasts like i mentioned before under Jhebbal, then it not deleted of course, but if u drink it u will die, because ONLY under Jhebbal or other things items will work… like - if u change god then previous god will curse all usable items and potions it had and only if u have active religion on that one u may use it without dying :slight_smile:

I hope this is good and someone may like it


great post dog very epic bro i love it fucnom should impelement this as soon as possible the game would be so much better they should hire u

I agree. They don’t have to be the best armor in the game, but it would be nice if they were at least comparable enough that it’s not such a big disadvantage to wear them.


Now this is a good idea. While I have learned not to get my hopes up, it would be nice if there was a set of Crom inspired armor. Mighty Crom needs some more in game artifacts and goodies.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


Epic Crom costs 5 perfected heavy, 500 hardened Leather, 500 star metal and 500 alchemical base. When you equip it, you’re nude with an Armor Value of 0 plus -10 AGI.


Aww no perms-cripple? Lol

ye, they get lapsed verry quick without epic variants.

You know as much as the current amount of grind in this game does bother me, I would gladly make it a months long project if it meant getting my hands on some Crom inspired armor. Even a replica of his own set would be nice. :yum:



I think early on it was on thier white board. The only reason I can infer from having the differing skins. there are some pkaceables I believe that use unique skins (wolf, bear erc…) but other than rhino, elephant, and feline, most are converted to leather and tar, with minimal, if any, difference.

I think they were meant to be needed for different armor types, but abandoned for simpler crafting mechanic.