Religion Priest and Armors Suggestion

Religious Armors: They don’t need to be RP only! Most importantly, These armors should give Stat Bonuses, and have Epic sets craftable in Improved Armor Stations as well using similar elements plus religion specific items. Right now they require very specific materials but have little to no benefit to being worn, and are therefore the worst armors in the game despite some being visually superb. They don’t need high armor stats, but giving a stat bonus only makes sense.

Religious Armors: Make some of them a little more unique? Mitra and Ymir armors are duplicates of Fiber[and maybe Skelos minus the hood and skirt?] armor and Vanir Starmetal armor respectively. Mitra set doesnt even have the gloves and sandals craftable still, so its the most incomplete set after Yog which is only a mask[?]. Additionally Derketo Dancer Armor is just a copy paste of other armors and Some of the Vanir tiers have visually identical pieces like boots and gloves. Are these placeholders?

Priests: Have religious recipes like Exceptional and Flawless for Religious special weapons, and Armors.

Crom: I tthink there should be a Crom Religion Teacher in the game somewhere, but He’s hostile. Also, I get that Crom religion has no Avatar, but it couldn’t hurt to have a single weapon, armor, or placeable[maybe a banner?] recipie granted by the religion that gives no benefit to show your belief that Crom is right. xD

Maybe this can come in after launch because I know content lock happened weeks ago now, but I think these should be seriously considered. what do y’all think?


I would also like to voice my support for Lv60 epic versions of the religious armors – I personally love the Derketo set and would love to see a Lv60 variant.

Mitra priest could use a unique set, maybe some kind of greek/roman short robe, you know the kind with folds and hung around the shoulder. Exemple form One Sixth Warrior artist which is actually Mitra Priestress:

Ymir should also get a unique set, with more fur and less metal maybe?

Same artist has another which he calls Cimerian Clan Shaman, that actually fits Ymir:

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Or… Ymir set is just a revealing gossamer wrap, with near total cold protection, like what his daughter Atali wore (before Conan got a hold of it) in ‘The Frost Giant’s Daughter’ story. Also makes people and mobs follow you, mindlessly, up into the mountain tops to be eaten by frost giants…

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Checkout the images I found, surely funcom can make something with this concept.

I’d like to see medium and heavy variants for each religion.

Religion armor could be required to summon the Avatar.

Anyone more? The Mitra clothes need a update, and all religious armor need stats.