Change religion clothing

Can you change religious clothes in the game? To make clothes look like clothes in AoC. Why did you abandon the concept of AoC clothing? In AoC very beautiful clothes and armors.

Also i suggestion to make so that player can to call avatar only in this clothing.

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I am not sure the clothes need to be AoC style, but the Mitran clothes are not particularly inspired. That is one set of religious clothes that should be improved.


I agree with tika.
But actually…
It’s just the same with stygian dancer (same as Set), starmetal armor (ymir) and yog (grab yourself some fighter/archer/dancer and get their armor after they belong to you).
I would like lots of different armor anyway. Like 30 different “skins” being usable.
Also I would have preferred a darfari III armorer instead of having to find some thralls, enslave and then kill them…^^
One neat example is these set city armorers granting access to their armor, while that shemite armorer giving a similar but not same armor which serves as clothing.

Thus I would have loved a robe for Mitra which lets the wearing one seem a little wise.
For Set… I dont know. Or rather altering the similar clothing into something else? Like some greek tunic?
Ymir could give some fur - eighter bear or wolf themed. (You know like in skyrim? That rebel army officer stuff with that “helmet”.)
And Yog? Maybe a bit more shaman like? Or more bones and skulls? Something like that?
Also all those religious armors should give one hell of temperature resistance. Or even a bunch survival (like 10?) as some religious bonus.


this!!! its annoying that the armors are repeated, like Tika and Nuria said. Set-Stygian, Starmetal is the same as Ymir, Yog-dafari. It makes them feel less special, and not worth crafting with special materials if they are less useful, have no benefit or stat boost [which they should now with perks and armors with perks] but most of all, they arent visually unique. they all bother me because of that, ESPECIALLY Ymir = Starmetal. Even if Starmetal armor was at least visually automatically blue tinted like the weapons, that would be a slight break. but its not.

and a lot of the armors or pieces dont dye correctly. which is sad :(. the armors and artists who make them are AMAZING but i hope the repeating of sets is changed for some more uniqueness.


indeed, religion should matter more and we should have special armor of every class (light, medium, heavy) with it. I would like to represent my religion in game where ever i go. But Set looks like 100% ceremonial dress, yet there should be some kind of warrior (heavy) and archer (medium) sets as well since i dont wanna play as “priest”

Not sure about heavy, but concepts for Stygian armor, which appears to be medium, were released a while ago. Not Settite per se, but in Conan Stygia=Set.

Source: September 19, 2017 Community Letter, Conan Exiles

ooh i really hope that armor makes it into the game. maybe without that mouth cover though. xD

Just dye your armor in the color of the god?
Mitra is easy wit medium/light blue.
Set easy with pink?
Yog calls for bloddy sacrifice, to give him red.
Ymir? I dont know… brown? light grey? icy blue?
Crom? Wow… I really dont know!

Nuria this is what i have done so far and it is ok for Early Access game but not after full launch

Ah ok. Yes I can understand that. This was only some kind of walkaround anyway… (Since we dont get any other ways…)
Also instead of temperature bonus as I said, the devs could go with that religious armor being needed to use a true word? Someone already mentioned it somewhere… I think it was on steam?

Question directed at the devs:
Why not have people try and design future sets for you instead of having your designers come up with everything? Square Enix has been doing competitions for Final Fantasy XIV, which is an MMO. There were LOTS of really beautiful ideas. (I dont want to comment on what they picked as winners though… Well, thats personal taste.)

Religious armor looks beautiful. The armor of Derketo is very interesting. Only a lot of religious armor is useless. It looks funny when the player is in a beautiful armor collects stones and wood. :rofl: Religious armor should be made more useful. This can done by adding new opportunities for religions.

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yes! more use and reason to craft! looks alone are good but not even all religions have unique looking clothes [mitra! ymir!]

they need stat bonuses. not even good armor stats, just stat bonuses like all the other armors.