Religion needs an update and clothing slots

Funcom hopefully my idea becomes a free update. This way it brings new life to Conan Exiles. While also improving Conan Exiles.

I want clothes under my armors. Clothing has zero armor protect. Clothing has only three uses.When repairing armor you are not force to put on another armor set or be naked. Role players can role play as civilans or townspeople. While Clothing has zero armor protection it does have high cold and heat protection. Clothin can’t break. Clothing parts only shows up when removing armor. This way all armors are shown and not cover up by clothing. Players can walk around nude if they are not wearing clothes and armors.

Religion needs an update. Religion is boring and dull. Shirnes should be allow to be built inside buildings. Shirnes build in buildings no longer show up on the map or can summon avatars. Also all religion resources should NOT spoil. Every religion tool should harvest 10 religion resource. Reason is for all shirne items. Avatar bubbles are gone if Avatars are gone.

Every religion should have new items.

Building parts T3 reskin religion structures. No Building parts for Crom.

New armors-Every religion should get its own light,medium and heavy armor sets. These armors sets are like the 3 defaults when you unlocked armorer feat. Reskin armors with bonus heat and cold protection. Religion armors are like basic armors stats but with bonus to heat and cold.

New furniture items. Reskin furniture items. As well as some other special religion only furniture items. No furniture items for Crom.

Religion weapons-Every religion gets Iron,Steel,Harden steel and star metal version of every weapon type. This way religion weapons are balance. Iron,Steel,Harden steel and Star metal has same design but different colors.

Religion clothing same as clothing but reskin. Crom does not have religion clothing.

All new religion stuff could be added to the religion tab. Crom armor and weapons are in the weapon and armors tabs.


I bought the game because of the god avatars, there are options for private servers to disable them, while i agree with some of the stuff you propose, proposing to remove avatars for ever will bring you ton of hate from people like me.

Crom should get something, but something hostile, for players with a backbone, like a summonable purge that attacks who sommon it, but at the same time give the possibility to get biome-specific purge thralls.

You will not make friends on this forum by asking for the complete removal of avatars, it’s like asking to remove knifes in COD, or removing fireballs from supermario.

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I edit that part so I don’t get people hating on the topic and not talking about clothes under armors. Leave Crom alone. I’m tired. This topic took alot of energy to create. Avatar removal was never the original idea. I want to build a temple. All hail Derketo. My shirne safe behind walls.

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i think asking all of this is a bit much but i agree with it for most parts beside the overlay

it would be nice if every religion got there own little srine only set and yog has that in the curent version i think.
also able to place like only have the cat statue of the derketo srine or only the snake pillar from the set shrine

then all religions should have a cult cloting (derketo mitra and set got that)

and all sould have an armor set (only jmir got that)

the armor sets should all scale to epic flawless and give atributes kind of matching the religion + light medium or light matching religion.
for example:
Derketo is a light or medium armor with heat resist and stamina bonusses

jimir is a heavy armor (need some unique reskinning tho) with cold resist and survival or strength bonuss

also weapons should be scale to flawless versions or higher
maybe with a unique effect that you dont see in the game yet,
like idk (’‘set poison’’ on daggers basicly an uncurable poison but only stacks to 1 so it is basicly ment to prevent healing instead of damage)
and thic cam maybe be countert by mitras bandages as consumable item mitreans can craft.

(basicly making a religion counter another in a way all religions are better against a specific one and weaker against another and jhebal sag needs to be in general the strongest still strong things always need a strong counter aswell)

crom also needs some love in like an odd way like you build a shrine for him but its just a fireplace. and it only allows you to craft this conan set or somthing with a suitable weapon but these pieces are pritty damn strong and you need like 1 red dragon head and 1 green dragon head and all kinds of heads to make the full set.

what i would like to see is that you are forced to choose religions (you can change but you lose your current religion then) and have a max of 2 shrines / clan also make littler shrines

THIS is what I’ve been asking for. Gimme level 7 purges where an angry avatar tries to trounce my base! Of course, make it an optional server setting and a no-no on the officials if need be.


No to your only +2 shirnes. I don’t think you understand what I’m asking for in armors.

These weapons,building parts ,armors and furniture are made like every other stuff. Religion tab would be to learn them. Religion weapons and armors are for religion warriors. Crom doesn’t have a shirne. That why his weapons and armors can be handcraft.

I see my armors and weapons like Crusaders for Chirstians. Or like paladins in DnD. Holy Warriors whom have thier god/s design on thier weapons and armors.

There are sets of clothing and equipment for each religion, just some more than others. You can always give your warriors of mitra the Phoenix sword or have your derketo followers were the skull mask.

Any equipment that is based on the religion should be representative of that religion.

As far a Crom worship, Crom is a god watches over the dead, values strength and freedom, and gives misfortunes and curses instead of boons. He is kind of a cross between Hel and Tyr while also being cold and uncaring. He is almost exclusively worshipped by the cimmerians who in the books are almost all gone. I can only remember one time in all of the books that Crom did anything (the movies differ in this).

If you worship Crom it should be based around additional purge type events and spawning in bosses like with Jebbal Sag. Sacrifice boss heads or hearts to ramp up the purge metter, get temporary combat buffs or forge powerful weapons. His temple should be simple. No avatar. No clothes. Just misfortune.

The temples I think are a good size. I can still get a roof over them. Lets go after a slightly smaller map room first.

Additional building pieces are certainly coming, I hope they have themes that accompany the temples we have.

My idea focus on Religious Warriors. I want to slay the enemies of Derketo. In Derketo clothing and armor. With a Derketo two-handed star metal sword. The clothing slot allows players to role play as townspeople. Clothing aren’t armor.

Maybe religion armor give some bônus or something like that . Be Nice use armor of religion to something. Anyone use this stuff!

I would like to see more placeable items. Even related to religious items I can cover my home in items related to Set but nothing for Jhebbal Sag. I would like to have more totems.

We have plenty of models in game for stuff we cannot place. I want to put some impaled skeletons outside my house.

I don’t share your interest with clothes but I am down to expand on the religion in game. What if you could make a banner that your player could wear. Also smaller alters for a religion that would act as a T1 shrine. You can’t upgrade it but it takes up much less space. That would give you more freedom but not let you load up on shrines.

I was thinking more on the subject of Crom. His shrine should be a sarcophagus. That would be awesome.

I like my idea. It allows for true religion.

I recommend wearable banners on that tangent. It is a simpler way to approach having religious armor as you fight under the banner of your god. And not necessarily tie people down to specific armor.

Either way what do you think the payoff should be like for killing the followers of other gods?

The rewarded for a player killing a player killing another player of a different religion is +5 zeal added to the Temple. However each player must be wearing religion clothes and armors of thier religion. As well as fighting with religion weapons.

My idea could start religion war roleplaying pvp.

I want to be able to make an altar to Crom. One that does nothing… because Crom doesn’t answer prayers.

The religion Armors,weapons,clothes and etc. shouldn’t be make in the altars. The religion items are made like any other items.

Right now religion boring and worthless.

I see that you have indulged my not so secret weakness once more Arch-Lich. Keep calling for additional Crom features and and I will have to keep supporting it.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:

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The best part of my idea is you don’t need an shrine of Crom to forge Crom weapons and armors. Making players not worship Crom.

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Interesting suggestion… but just because Crom doesn’t care about us doesn’t mean we can’t care about Crom. I can see Crom altars, and sacrifices… all in vain, as Crom doesn’t answer prayers. It would be a totally worthless altar… And it should cost 10 times the resources as other altars!