Religion update please

Every Religion needs more added to it. The blessing and final weapons should be added in Last Religion upgrade you do and not used up extra skill points.

Each Relgion tool should harvest x5 of that’s religion resource. If it was your starting religion.

Every religion needs a full armor set.

Every Religon gets a passive. The passive gain when you chose your religion.
Like it it would show up stat(+5 stat)

Crom: +5 Survival

Set: +5 Accuracy

Yimir: +5 Strength

Derketo: +5 Stamina

Mitra: +5 Vitality

Yog: +5 Agility

7th God: +5 Encumbrance


Every Religion desvered a buff.

The religion has less for the amount of skill points required.

+5 bonus is maybe a bit too much, but still i agree with this. But i dont think they are going to add something like this. every melee dude would go for Ymir or Mitra. But Full armor sets would be great, i mentioned this before in some other topics as well. Best option would be to have only 1 religion at the same time for a player / clan. 1 Clan = 1 God is must… but unfortunately i dont believe anything like this is going to happen

If I remember correctly crom takes zero skill point. I think if you chose Crom you save 50 skill points.

Set gives you snake arrows. Can’t do 1 religion at a time per clan. No point in grouping then. Agility adds armor. Stamina just as important as Vitality.+5 bonus is what armors give. Well most armors. It has to be +5. Anything else displeased the gods.

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Every religion needs more.

Am I the only one wanting a full set of armor to all religious items.

First of all can we get a bugfix?

Ever since the latest patch creating a frost-hoar hatchet doesn’t yield zeal anymore.

That and more reglious items are need. Increase reglious armor defense. Add epic versions.

To make people choose religion by stat bonus and ruin those who choose ‘wrong one’(e.g. set, crom)?
What’s next? removing climbing ability from every race except cimmerian and give them some other barely usefull passives maybe

Actually if you bring logic to this question, then every other than crom religion must place debuff instead, cause you rely on god help instead of your own strength

There a wrong reglion? No. You do Realized my default reglion pick is Derketo. And it’ll always be Derketo,Set or Yog. For the lore alone.

I was hoping to find stat immunites. Not engough of those. I care not on the perfect builds.

Than you don’t need that bonuses at all cause religion never make anyone stronger, or faster. or smarter

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A small boost Wouldn’t hurt.

It would hurt everybody who don’t have religion with valuable boost

It worked for Thulsa Doom

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What do you mean? Every stat in Conan exiles is useful.

Being unable to change your stats contradicts the very basic mechanics of this game.
And 5 points could well be a difference of getting that perk.

In one specific build, and survival isn’t usefull at all with exception to grind

That’s the reason I hear first time about this game

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