Religion - Equipments and Weapons for endgame

Actually, all religion’s armor is useless for combat, are just “cosmetic”
Most of all weapons are weak when compared with endgame weapons (there are exceptions)

My suggestion is make all religon weapons and armors, equivalent to a legendary endgame gear.
But currently they are easy to craft…

The cost to craft this kind of gear could be almost the same we need to summon a avatar.
The altar should not be destroyed in the process, but the archpriest could craft a limited amount of times before be sacrificed. As each weapon or armor consume part of archpriest soul to bless that.
How many times before sacrificed?

  • enough to craft a complete gear + one combo weapons (1H+offhand or 2H or dualwield)

After crafted, the armor + weapons have a good durability, but cant be repaired as a legendary.
Two things could happened:

  • A new archpriest to repair using manifestation + materials only in a altar lvl3
  • The item will be destroyed after durability reach zero and a new needs to be crafted.

As a blessed equipment, it could have special properties as:

  • Set = Imunity to poison and bleed
  • Yog = Possiblity to eat a dead enemy to restore full health
  • Ymir = Great dmg reduction armor
  • Derk = Increase potion/poison effects
  • Mitra = Good life regen during combat

Its just a draft idea…

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I think its an interesting idea. Dont know why they just went with role-playing armor with no useful stats for religions, some dont even look any different from normal items like Mitra robes.


I would love fight as a Set Archer :smiley:
And other cool types…

Or Ymir garments

Take a step back here…

Yog - free Abyssal Flesh and best endgame craftable Mace
Mitra - free aloe extract and good endgame spear (most useful weapon)
Set - set antidote allows near continual +3 str and +3 vit from crimson lotus powder and best endgame craftable daggers
Derket0 - permanent god bubble, free extra stamina, and second best endgame craftable sword
Ymir - best endgame craftable ax.

The end game gear is actually quite good. The test-live will nerf Derketo but buff Yog and Ymir (new combat for ax and mace + shield or throwing ax).

I can use a weapon, but i cant play wearing a set as a devoted warrior of my chosen god


I can craft dragonbone easier than Ymir axe. Its the “same” weapon with a better repair cost and less material farm to craft (think about ice shards one for each humanoid body)

You can do a lot of more extract from babosa with a sickle. Same heal, same weight. Mitra extract needs 1 npc kill for each extract. Too much bodies, too much work for the same result (should have a better effect to worth it)
About the spear, there are other better endgame spears and even with less/easier material to craft.

Agree on that.

Comparing with other god’s altar, this have a good possibilitys to farm zeal and craft (Ymir is a pain in the ass)
But, there are similar sword as option with a better repair cost. Still a good choice weapon, maybe because was added later ingame (as the new beast god)

FC could see older gods to rebalance weapons and zeal farm, but its only about weapons
My suggestion is about a complete god set for endgame.

I wasn’t claiming they were super strong, but the god weapons are mostly either best or as good as any craftable weapons. e.g. better than star metal and acheronian (mostly). I do agree, it does seem mostly useless for anything other than completeness… apart from Set.

And, the Ymir axe is easier but requires a greater grind than dragonbone weapons…

personally I’d like the god armor to have attributes and have archpriests craft flawless versions of it… same for god weapons.

I’d also like to have all hallowed weapons earn god harvests when killing a human foe automatically, might make them more worthwhile if you don’t need to switch to the harvesting tool all the time.

Yes…and that is the problem. Doesnt worth farm it. Its a pitty.

Another good idea. What I said above, its to give a god armor, something different when comparing with normal endgame armor
Endgame armor = atributes
God Armor = special buffs related to each god.

I would like to see variety on endgame, more options, without losing power.

And I would like not get so much human flesh each hit :frowning:

Well a harvest filter would fix that…

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