Suggestion: Only one religion in game

  • Only one religion in game
  • Available all religions in game

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At the beginning of the game one can study one religion. You can choose even Crom. If the player chooses Crom, he refuses to participate in the system of religions. However, during the game the player can study all religions. It is not right. In this case, the choice will not matter. The player’s choice of race and religion must have meaning. Also, some religions confront each other. Mitra is Set’s opponent, for example.
I suggest that a player can have only one religion. If the player decided to change the religion from the teacher, then other religion must to be canceled.
also i suggest that you to add a teacher of Crom. For players who chose Crom add +3 strgth or +3 surv.


Only one religion, but access to all religious cosmetics/recipes throughout new neutral city.
I’m still holding my breathe for the hopeful “Crom may destroy other gods occasionally” system. But that was mentioned/talked about before god bubbles. Sooo… most likely wont happen.


I had this as a question for a past “questions of the week” on reddit, but unfortunately, it was one that they never delivered. At launch, players shouldn’t be able to have all the temples benefits. When you choose a God, build a temple and start to generate zeal, but you learn another religion, build the temple, and generate the zeal for this other God, it will reset the last one, you can even have the temples built, but the zeal will only counts for the active religion.

Its dumb every player being able to build and farm zeal for all religions at once, FC really should take a look into this.


Your suggestion seems fair

I would prefer to force players to have only 1 religion, but i can understand that majority of players dont know much about lore… SO, yes. I you decided to worship more then just 1 god you should pay the price! Every other altar should be VERY EXPENSIVE and only accessable after you visit coresponding NPC (this would unlock this new religion to you, but the cost of altar would be as it is now if player never learnd new relgion from NPC - so about 50 point?)

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I thought that was an early Access feature and would be removed for sure when the game will come out. It was nice for testing all the different religions but make no sence at all lorewise.
What about the option of learning all 3 religions but only master one above tier 1?


this is another idea i had. Still lorewise S**T but still better than what we have right now

One religion at a time.
Able to change the religion with sacrifice and travel to trainer (else a bad beginning choice destroys character).
Similar to mentioned changes to beds - only 1 altar per player. Remove religion from feats. Level of altar determines avaiable recipes.
No bonuses to stats/resistances just from having religion.
Crom worshippers have a % chance to not loose durability of items.

Parenthetically, Set is The Dude (praise his name) on a PVP server; if we’re relegated to one god per player, everybody but one will choose snake arrows.

What I think is neat about the particular epoch in which Conan Exiles appears to be set is that its name –
Hyborian – comes from Bori. So we’re in the exiled lands during the Hyborian Age. Take Arus, to whom we owe the resurgence and survival of the Picts, a fictional “race” Mr Howard modeled after my own heritage, the Cherokee. Arus went out into their wilderness armed only with the power of Mitra. He converted them, saved them from self-destructive barbarism.

This part keeps me wandering all over the temples on every build, my vote’s for “learn it all!”


Snake arrows are way too cheap. They should require a serpent venom gland. The poison should not be stackable but MUCH increased duration (so antidote is better than ambrosia for it - maybe even a low dmg option but no expiry?). Arrows not snakes should be the most common ammunition type for archers. Same thing with poisons applied to melee weapons (so no advantage to weapon poisoning macro). Who uses poisoned melee weapons (without a macro)? Currently our pvp poison resembles acid more.
Poison is a very powerfull tool that is strictly forbidden in warfare in most cultures. This is a land of Exiles however and no rules of engagement apply. Make Ophirean’s journal story end a viable one.


Interesting story. I think many people of many cultures share a similar history, having been converted many times in the past.

Conversion should play a larger part in the game, and be a big decision. Players should start out as one religion, and Zeals, rather than being generated in the Shrine, should be generated as a buff.

The way I see it, if I’m sacrificing hearts to Set, then I should be the one to reap the benefits, not my shrine, and not my clanmates either. It should be a personal goal with personal rewards, a relationship directly between the player and their gods.

Conversion would matter much more if the player could only have one ‘track’ of religious buffs at a time. A player might be a High Priest of Set, having sacrificed many hearts before the altar. If they then choose to revoke Set and start to worship Mitra, then their whole progress for Set should be lost. Perhaps not only lost, but they should be cursed by Set as well.

Avatars should only be able to be summoned by those who are High Priests of their religions.


They need to change avatars and religion rewards entirely if they limit it to 1 per player. Although it makes the most sense having it 1 per player try building a base with only 1 potential god bubble in place, you’d be exposed to 3 (soon 4) other gods at all times otherwise.

The religious recipes need changing and the gear needs to have some form of upgrading to atleast be useful beyond the first 30 levels.

Yeahhhh! Keep it up, ‘One-god only-ers!’ Your loyalty is shown in the vote poll.
And you will be noticed and rewarded by “your” god!

As a side note, I defintely agree set will be the main choice, But thats a good thing for me :smiley:
I can deal with arrows, as long as i dont have to deal with flying/floating yogs :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

I really think they should stretch out the progression of altars somehow. Maybe making a tool for each tier of altar, or different zeals based on quality of your kill.
Something like that. Just to give the impression that religion are actually more useful.

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I was previously an ‘all-gods-er’ but I converted.


I for one appreciate that FC decided to include the Flying Spaghetti Monster into the Conan pantheon. :grinning:


Lemme just say that I LOVE reading everyone’s responses to this and seeing why they think you should only have one or all available or what changes you’d like to see.
I’m also kinda surprised how (almost) even the responses are. It’s really interesting!


Avatar of Yog is terrible concept…

Hail to you Pastafari, thank goodness I am not the only one who realized that the mighty yog is the avatar of the flying spaghetti monster😇

I also would like if it were one religion per character. Doesn’t make sense lore-wise to be able to worship all of them and even in Mitra’s text it says “Players who chose Mitra wish to represent truth and virtue in the world, while crushing those who dare to worship other gods” so if you worship Mitra while at the same time Set would you crush yourself? lol.

But yeah I think it would make more sense, plus it would make having a clan with multiple religions more important (kind of like Conan’s adventure party did).

Also even though Crom is kind of like the “not participating” religion, he should just randomly strike you with lightning or something because he’s just that guy.

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I think they should require atleast 2 glands per stack of snake arrows when crafted. It’s ridiculously easy to make currently. With the upcoming currency and the Relic Hunter city being neutral I highly expect a vendor for snake venom since they are all around that city.

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There should be a penalty for changing religions - such as invoking the wrath of the god you have forsaken once you replace his shrine with another.