Religion System Overhaul

It wouldnt be as restrictive as your thinking. Individual players would still be able to learn all the religions as normal. They would only be restricted to one t4 shrine. The T4 shrine would be for the primary religion chosen by the clan leader, which hopefully is agreement by the rest of the clan. If not the player can simply leave the clan and join/create one that has their chosen religion as primary. Also what you see as restriction I see as realisim as in Conan literature and lore religion is the most common cause of conflict. In most of the civilizations Conan comes across in the books worship of a “foreign” god was punished by death.


Again, no forcing anyone. You would still be able to build T3 of all th other shrines if you wanted. And even if your religion choice wasnt picked for the T4 shrine, simply go to another clans T4 shrine and use it. Not to mention there is always the option to tear down a T4 shrine, spend a tablet of power to change primary, then upgrde a T3 to a T4.


This is awesome.
When harvesting zeal from corpses, this plays into the player ceremonially representing thier God as they do it.


Again, you’re kind of missing the point. In the proposed sytem:

The restriction is only for the new t4 shrine.
All the others can still be built and used to t3.
You can even change the primary if you want.

And even if it’s a matter of liking the proposed religious armors better, the method to change as described isn’t some crazy involved thing so I don’t see why people wouldn’t regularly do it if they so wanted. All the ‘forcing’ in the outlined situation you’re placing on yourself, my man.

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And how does that change at all with the proposed system? As I read it, the only differences between religions at that point is basically what the shrine and potential armor set would look like and it can still be changed. Hell, make it even easier for changing and let the t4 shrine be the only thing to give FULL refund of building materials.

As to the last bit - there’s nothing that precludes a person’s chosen religion from joining a clan with a different primary. As far as I can tell it’s all completely divorced from each other as all the starting religious choice does is choose which feat is unlocked. Religious benefits aren’t something inherent to the character and all stem from what you make at the shrine.

EDIT: A thought to the npc religious aggro notion - I wouldn’t necessarily tie it to the actual clan primary choice as there’s really no way of knowing how the AI would react to something like that or if it would be able to. I’d rather see it as modifying the religious/faction clothing to work more as a “disguise” system with a simple flag.

EDIT 2: Also - I liked codemage’s idea of turning the t4 shrine effect into a convergence trap analogue better with the choice between resetting your purge meter or triggering a religiously flavored one. Stuff like this should be centered around the player/their clan. People can make religious warfare between themselves well enough on their own and I can see how sending purges on other people would be extremely open for abuse.

Like forcing people to join clans to be able to refresh if they want to take more than a week vacation or have a chance at pvo.

Can we have one thread where we dream and discuss anything without the obligatory “don’t box my options in” troll response.

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How do they know when I take a vacation? That is just wierd.

The “proposal” is just an idea the OP had. One they felt enough about to post. The likely hood is slim. But I grow tired of the Forum OGs navigating ideas and scarying the creative minds of ALL posters with such negative posts as you tend to go towards if an idea doesn’t fall within your personal playstyle or opinions.

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The problem is instead of thinking of ways to make it work, more often than not you go straight to no, I don’t like it.

Do you how much stuff 8n game is of no benefit to pvo, yet I rarely go full no, it won’t work for pvp. Instead I (and many others) keep an open mind and offer ideas on how to maybe tweak it to fit as many styles as possible.

I just would love to see 1 suggestion post have a truly creative debate, 8nstead of hard no’s from OG posters. And I have been around long enough to know F7ncom tends to bend to you OGs.

Here is how I would suggest to keep clans 8nvolved with multiple…make the T4 cost resources to maintain. So if a clan wants multiple then they have to farm for it. See constructive feedback to try and resolve, instead of no.

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They do? Then what the hell am I doing wrong? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Original Gangsta. American term meaning been around and has knowledge that is respected, even to a fault sometimes

Not necessarily. There’s a chance it could happen on siptah but it’s easy enough to make what spawns only relevant for the shrine’s purpose. It wouldn’t be all that hard to set up spawn tables that are exclusive to each. They don’t even necessarily need to be humans. Stands to reason that if you triggered say, a Set purge, it’d be like The Well of Souls in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Still, to make it interesting they’d have to cook up something that’s just different enough so there’s at least a little bit of novelty between the t4 shrine and a convergence trap.

This however, I don’t think would be all that difficult. Clearly the AI already makes some decisions in its target detection else NPC camps would be mayhem between themselves. A simple determination between ‘don’t kill that’ and ‘kill that.’ The most time intensive part would probably be going through the appropriate armors making a bunch of 5-piece set effects that just simply flags the wearer as whatever they have set up so faction npcs don’t all kill each other. (and it would have to be a full set. Just putting on a pair of shoes won’t save you)

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Would be nice to encourage players to follow only 1 religion, be it as solo player or as a clan, with the possibility of changing it in the middle of the game, (ie. by completing the jhebbal sag quest and gaining access to its religion) but not keeping the benefits of them all.
Perhaps including some kind of rivalry between them so if you worship Mitra, you can’t worship Set, may be by decreasing the contrary token count for every token gained on the other, even infuriating the gods and sending its avatar to destroy you.

All in all, i love all this suggestions, for religion is a huge part of this game but they lack of substance and meaning… they are just another resource to grind.

I agree. I liken it to clan bases being more like a city. There may be a ‘top dog’ that’s worshipped there, but you’ll always find shrines and temples to others.

Not at all. Right out of the box, there’s one big difference: you can pick up a convergence trap and place it wherever you want, but you can’t do the same with a shrine.

And on top of that, they could make it so that it’s easier (i.e. lest costly in terms of time spent) to reset/fill your purge meter using a convergence trap as opposed to using a shrine.

That way nobody can complain that the convergence traps are useless, but you can also opt to use shrines for the same thing – especially in Exiled Lands, where you don’t have a source of (???) essence.

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So am i!
But in real life there are no tangible benefits from following any religions (not always anyway), as a game mechanic i see it as an area of opportunity to encorage players to certain type of gameplay, without the benefit of another.

For example, being a follower of crom could make the character stronger, but if at any time you begin to follow another religion, you become “normal”. Of course this means that player wont have access to set antidotes, ambrosia, night eye potions, etc.

Maybe playing as a multicultural guild is just as fine as focusing on one religion, but would be faster or easier to master only 1. Even the thalls could benefit form the religion the player worship, to increase it’s stats or behavior.

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I was thinking of adding something like that to my original post, but not sure in what capacity. I mean i I did mention that every religion should have Npc’s that call on thier gods in a battle/death cry. Not sure what effects religion could play on thrall mechanics that would be balanced and lore friendly. Unless perhaps priest thralls could be used as follwers and give combat buffs to other thralls and allied players?

Yeah it’s a great idea but these days i seems like they do more nerfing then anything it’s like y would we give people good stuff and things when we have all this stuff we can nerf. But great idea

Seems so but if threads likes this one keeps going with positive feedback perhaps they will realize its a good idea worth looking into. I think they tend to ignore suggestion threads with a lot of negativity. Thus far this one seems to be getting lots of love. Keep it up and thanks for all the feedback everyone.