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I suggest merging the connection of these 2 for the purpose of bringing a unique experience, with limiting religion to 1 per player. I think the base religion recipes (T1) could still be learned for the consumables but T2 and 3 should be locked unless you specialize in that religion. With this in mind, it should tie to the faction that worships them to become your “neutral city”. Currently these major cities are relatively the same distance from the beginning of the map so there’d be little variation in getting to them for content. The religions would tie to the following cities

-Yog -> Summoning Place (Darfari)
-Set -> Seperameru (Relic Hunters)
-Ymir -> New Asagarth (Heirs of the North)
-Mitra-> Black Galleon (Black Hand)
-Derketo -> Pagoda of Boundless Lusts (Lemurian) (Requires completed dungeon to learn)
-Jabal Sag -> The Den (Dogs of the Desert) (Requires completed dungeon to learn)

4 starter religions (5 if you include crom but he don’t provide anything) with 2 explored religions locked behind their respective dungeons with some tweaks to the religions in general.

-Balance the weapons/gear as you progress, T2 should be the same across the board as should T3, T1 seems pretty balanced already. Currently some weapons are clearly stronger than others statistically.

-neutrality of a faction requires T2 or dependant on your starter religion you are given an effect which they recognize as a member of their faction and will be neutral towards you unless you attack their people.

-Attacking your own faction can result in a debuff which causes them to automatically attack you until the effect expires.


Unique rewards for being a part of a faction, these will have a minimal change to pvp/pve and mostly be aesthetic or quality of life based rewards. Aesthetics can range from a bone chandelier to a thrall frozen in a block of black ice. T3/4 rewards start providing additional features like hiring their defense in the time of a purge and increasing their attacks to local enemies when they attack during a purge and additional unique weapon and gears and ammo.


You forgot Crom, and I beleive that would be Mounds of the Dead ^

This idea makes total sense with the lore, the chosen religion at character creation makes its faction be neutral to you sice “birth” at the desert, and if you want to change you workship another God in its temple, getting more hearts or tears or whatever, you would earn their trust.

How does it make sense with the lore?

Your character is an exile, exiled from their homeland and left crucified in the exiled Lands. They have no knowledge of the area, nothing. They don’t even know if anyone they know have been exiled.

The factions know nothing of you, you’re an outsider, they don’t know if you’ll stab them in the back etc nor what god you worship, even than you’re still an outsider they don’t trust.

Now what would maybe work is that once you learn the T2 feat in a religion it locks the others and wearing the corresponding religious clothing would set X faction as neutral. As long as you wear it.

But even that’s not reasonable since you could just respec.

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beside mitra is supposed to be the most benevolent of the gods we have doesn’t quite fit pirates

I’m just going off the fact that mitra used to be learned from a pirate by the Black Galleon, as far as it making sense I know, it probably fits another faction better but I can’t think of one that isn’t already worshipping another.

Well perhaps lock T2 neutrality by finding the corresponding teacher to then do some small task to gain neutrality, I see what you mean about being an outsider from the beginning.

For wearing the religion clothing for neutrality, I think that would actually be quite neat however how would it work if you are in a clan and 1 member crafts everyone the clothing to wear? I think there would need to be in depth content to address that in a sort of “raid” scenario if these cities were made to be lethal to unprepared groups. In regards to respect, they already have a few recipes that are permanently learned even if you respect, perhaps they could just leave religion points out of this mix and move religion teachings into this format that changes based on npc interactions and not feat points.

Yes to focus on one religion is a good way to go. Its just silly that we can do them all at the same time…

But then the neutral Town have to give some usefull to…

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I mean something useful or just content in general, I think it’d be neat having to choose your religion and faction together, especially if a clan decides to build around a couple of camps that would be neutral to them to better their defenses.

Factions could sell unique aesthetics or just skins of existing pieces, and as the game develops I’m sure more goods and services could be offered when the time is right. In any case the rewards should not have any noticeable effect on pvp/pve balance.

Is it silly tho? Look at real life, people of ancient times gave up on their religious faith to follow a man claiming to be the son of god.

Egyptians, Norse, there’s several cases were people revered several gods.

If anything it’s silly to lock people out of the other religions. Now I will say tho that getting anywhere in any religion should require dedication to a singular religion. Like sure you know of and understand the basic principles of Ymirs faith, or Derketos etc. So T1 sure could just remain as it is currently since the way I see it lore wise is that those teachers teach you the basic principles of the religion and the proper path to earning favor and showing dedication.

But T2 or even T3 should have some requirements as I stated, since progress within faiths is based on religious dedication.


Actually in Conan lore people followed many faiths just as our ancestors did in the real world prior to Christianity.

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Yes they worchiped several gods but tehy was in the same mythoogi. ther one goods, the romans had ther one goods and never worchip egyptians gods and so on.

Think you need to read up on relogions abit. Gods, demons half gods and Saints…

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Setting aside real life than by Conan lore, this is a Conan game, they worshipped multiple gods even Conan himself uses multiple gods names through out the comics.

Guessing English isn’t your native language.

I’m unsure if you’re stating Romans had one god or not, but they didn’t for the longest time. Let me introduce you to Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Vulcan list goes on.

Thing is tho, during this time in history you were either a follower or a heretic.

I know my religions, Mythology even Demonology quite well, but we’re talking about a game here. No need to flex knowledge that’s irrelevant to a point.

My point was that people have all throughout centuries had faith in multiple gods, a singular god, given up their faith for another. Etc, people even today aren’t born with a stamp on their forheads reading “Forever Christian” or “Forever Muslim” which you make it seem like.

This just goes to show that maybe calling the religions “religion” might actually be a misnomer. Which can be seen in some lore bits surrounding Mitra and Set where Mitra is the benevolent one, wanting to cleanse the world and Set is portrayed as the Archdemon.

So obviously the “gods” in the conan universe exist within the same mythology.

Yes English is my first language and being rude enough to say such thing shows your character.

Conan himself chose to worship crom because crom doesn’t help. After being enslaved he kinda gave up worship of the others but still acknowledges their status as gods by using they’re names " By ymir" or " In the name of Mitra". In game I guess I worship the gods, I don’t rp, because I use ymir and mitra. And if I did rp I probably would worship more.

Vvanskil I didn’t mean you, the first part is for @Masmassu cause his response was in very broken english.

I merely qouted you as your reply like I said shows that lore wise they basically all exist together in the same manner. Not necessarily as seperate religions.

I see. Maybe there could be a change to the way religions are gained a small quest to show your faith. Gather X of item A and/or B to show your faith?

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Yes on set of goods and never fal for worchip other falls gods (never worchip Ra, Marduk or Freja), but they respected other when thet in a chans cud be corect and be safe and not anoy a foren god.

Found your guy…

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I don’t think the ability to worship many gods should be entirely stripped, but the T2 and T3 benefits should be unique and limited to one selection at a time. It changes gameplay up, opens new avenues to explore in which faction/religion fits your playstyle the best. With this, I’d still say allowing T1 recipes/rewards remain if you find the npc who teaches it.

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There will be a huge majority of set players or Mitra and that’s it the religion end tier items are not balanced enough to consider something like restricting at this time.

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