Racial and Religious Quest Chains

Idea from another suggestion, so here to start it’s own topic.

  1. Every race should have a mini-chain of 3-5 quests that revolve around lore of that race, and it’s culture. The ultimate reward of the chain should be a unique racial weapon with it’s own name and lore behind it. Run through the quest chain and you get the Feat to craft the base version and it’s Epic counterpart.

  2. Every top tier religious altar should require a small quest chain. Something to further your loyalty to the religion and your worth to the god. Finishing the chain would allow you to craft the highest tier altar.

For the racial quests, it would give something special to which race you pick. You could add in lore to learn of the race and their culture. And get a nice weapon exclusive to your race. The recipe would only be given to the race it was tied to. And you could institute a race-specific requirement to wield the weapon.

For the religious, it’s more to earn the final altar, rather than just buying a feat and slaughtering a bunch of people. Make the player learn about their god and religion.


I like this idea a lot either a quest chain or maybe a dungeon at least for higher tier religeons


Like said in the other topic, i like still the idea of more story-line and lore to the game.
A different quest and path would be a great add to each race, and also make it fun when restart over with a new character one more.

The path and the quest is more important to me than the final outcome, like here the t3 shrine.
I’m curious what ideas people will come out with. :wink:

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Yog could be a chain on hunting and consuming more powerful NPCs. Create some new, non-thrall NPCs that are specifically there to hunt, kill, and eat.


And needing all color of the lotus, or the seeds to accomplish the final ritual with some other stuff of course.

I like the idea of the lotus, i would see it more used in game.

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I like idé i have post some idé ro

The quest should give 1x box like vaul thar cant be destory for 1 k slott onöy 1x can be craft and that Will make. So noone wipe on pvp server many ppl stop when they wipe. I thinke this idé Will make more ppl stay and dont be afrid to start from 0

Derketo could be about the path of… umm… :joy:

Well, obviously it has to do with some aroma oils, lotions, scents, orgies and related exercise. The dagger and sacrifice part feels somewhat forced, but this one could mainly be about potion making and appliance, more than sacrifices at least, mixing ingredients and utilising it to get different types of results thorough the… Social interaction. :laughing:

I’m not that into sacrificing anything so that would need to be upped a bit to get me interested. Like are we, the followers of Derketo, more like fertility driven mating experts or more like necromancer interns or…? :sweat_smile:

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And here we go again…

Sandbox gameplay and quests are not mutually exclusive. If done right, they are optional and can enrich the gameplay. And having options is a good thing…

Note: That doesn’t mean I agree with idea of racial or religious quest chains :wink:


Surely. Like we all do, that’s fair. I think that sandbox doesn’t need quests and usually quests are… well… They are sometimes added afterwards so the quality is not that good (they tend to be just fetch missions), so no wonder the outcome doesn’t satisfy. However, when they are indeed thoroughly thought, all that comes - to the side fluently (even a fetch quest). They shouldn’t be as low as mere fetch this and break that type of tasks, coz it feels pointless and forced (lazy coding), and they need to be optional to everyone (not telling us to do them all), fading nobody (giving flavour to the dough). Did I make sense? :joy:

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Nothing wrong with having quests that teach you about the game. Exiles doesn’t have to be a brainless PVP fest like most other online games.

You already have to EARN some content in this game.

Better thralls you have to actively go out and look for them. Unless you just cheat and look on Google to find where the best spawn.

Certain recipes require you to find them in the game.

No reason why you can’t have to EARN a place serving your god. And more importantly, earn the right to summon their Avatar.

It shouldn’t be as simple as gathering some readily available materials. And then spending an arbitary feat point that is totally unrelated to the worship of that god in the first place.


Maybe the word earn is… bit too light term to use here. I feel it’s more than earning. I think it’s a vocation thing really. That you really want it. Vocation thorough discovery. To earn a scalpel is to prove you can be a surgeon, but in order to prove that, we need to have that spark - the light that illuminates our cosmos. :star_struck:

Exploration is okay and I get it that some recipes can be found from specific places, but this is a delicate way to extend gameplay. When we fail at it, we accidentally stretch it instead. So we gotta be careful with this one.

Exactly. Staying awhile and listening a story is one way to get immersed too. Making the best of a worst situation is another.

That is how some achievements are designed and I agree, they are the worst for a completionist who also wants to do their thing.

Learning a different religion than the one chosen at character creation is already a quest if you don’t wish to spend 50 feat points. For that you must speak to a NPC. That means exploring to discover where he or she is. Given that with the very aggressive fauna and not less aggressive people who roams the exiled land it isn’t as simple as it look likes. Except for Yog with Nonuu just above the noob river.
The same could be made for each level of a religion : you speak to the NPC or you spend a huge amount of feat points. The choice is yours.

I didn’t spend any points when I chose Derketo.

To find content, yes. This is true.

However, a quest is a task that our character knowingly undertakes to begin with (not the player). Characters stumbling upon someone who generously speaks the gospel of their deity isn’t a quest even though the players themselves may know they exist (and are devoted to find them). They are merely a merchant variable in play, as wandering as they may be.

Yes, if, and a reward can have different aspects.
I think at first it’s more the wording that may upset some minds than the idea itself. Look at it more as story-line that a quest. Sure if you think at it like a boring quest like in some mmo’s, it’s sure, i wouldn’t have it in my sandbox game. :wink:
But i still enjoyed grab the different notes in game, and read the story. I like lot the Razma’s note. Still you can go trough the full game without really reading or caring about them. But if you do, it’s adding more depht to the story, and i like it.

I see it more that way. Not as things you need to to, but you may do, and may bring you some rewards, yes.
Again, if linked to religions, like you can learn them all if you wish, the stories, or quests going with them would be available to you to.

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If they were like pokémon and the “gotta catch them all” just a slogan of the marketing team, not an actual in-game purpose (wise choice), I would be okay with it.

I’m not into deviating my style so as long as I’m not forced to go another route just to stretch gameplay (my own choice matters), I’m okay with what is given (completionist with a cause). This means that if there’s an achievement that tries to bloat gameplay, I’m out.

Race-specific quests don’t make sense in Conan Exiles. We’re all equally exiled here, so there aren’t really any race-specific receptionists to welcome us and give us a quest based on our heritage. Our welcoming committee was one Cimmerian of some (ill) repute who just plucks us off that tree and then leaves us to live or die.

Most civilized peoples in the Hyborian Age have pretty similar survival techniques, whether they’re Zamorian, Zingaran, Kothian, Nemedian or Brythunian - that is, none. That’s why so many of these folks camp along the Noob River in “Exile camps” and are generally wimps. Only the Cimmerians and Nordheimers have anything approaching a race-specific community, and neither seems very welcoming.

Faction-based quests would make more sense. Want to be a pirate? Join the Black Hand. Want to hunt relics? Apply for the Relic Hunters. Want to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women? Yes, yes you do.

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There are a lot of things that don’t make sense and yet here we discuss them.

Being exiled has nothing to do with our race unless our race was a reason we were exiled.

The welcome part is as crude as is its simplified nature. Giving us different starting locations around the map would help here, but having a quest giver simply stand on each isn’t necessarily the only way to approach the issue; I wager that it would only diminish the relocation effort if we still face the same fanfarer. Heritage lore quest doesn’t have to begin from the cross, that is.

But not exactly. It is this deviation that we may explore. It is a small variable making a huge difference. Not survival techniques necessarily or solely, but how we came to this, as to be the individual we are.

It makes more sense, because the context might be closer to your interests. That’s good too. You’re essentially asking the same quest chain, but from the other side of the coin; what you could become.

Sure, i’m absolutely also open to faction ideas be it in quest form, or as simple notes. What i’m looking for is more depht, more story, more lore. Then people can chose, they read, get it or not.
It shouldn’t be any obligation in that. Like i said for the Razma’s notes. Some will pick them up all, read them, store them, while others will not.

I play since EA, and replayability is an important point to me. Also i love a good story, and of course some mysteries. Answers are not that important, seeking some clues is more.
I get it that it’s not important to all players, and some may just fight trough the game without carring about storylines. That’s fine to.

No, actually not. “Faction quests” in computer games are such a used trope that I’m getting bored of it. But that’s how we see communities building in the Exiled Lands. It’s not about my interests, it’s what’s already written into the game lore.

As soon as we get booted into the Exiled Lands by Thoth-Amon’s schemes, our race ceases to matter to most people in the Exiled Lands. We become a competitor for resources, or a fellow survivor with whom to share the perils.

The Nordheimers, Cimmerians and Darfari have built their factions around a race (as have the Lemurians, but they kinda were there already). The Black Hand and Relic Hunters have built theirs around their business, that is, as pirates and adventuring archaeologists. Dogs of the Desert and Votaries of Skelos are religious cults.

Where in this would you fit “racial factions” for Zamorians, Zingarans, Picts, Shemites, Stygians, Hyrkanians, Hyborians (who aren’t united as a race anyway, they have nationalities that are not necessarily friendly towards each other), people of Kush and I’ve probably forgotten someone?

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