Make all religions quest based

Finished the Jabal Sag quest to become a desciple. Loved it. All religions should be reworked to have the same mechanics. Ie. the character must prove him/herself to the diety before being able to worship the god. All other religions pale in comparison to Jagal sag since it only requires some small talk to become a worshiper. That process is kind of boring and zero immersion.

Also, it would be neat to have more quest linked to gods. Maybe being able to craft a specific key that is needed to enter a dungeon. And as with Jabal Sag, resources needed for powerful religious artifacts only found/easily found in that dungeon.


And ad so you have one religion as main. Abit silly that you are full worchiper on all religions.




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I’m glad we’ve both summarized our arguments so succinctly, so now we can focus on the suggestion by the OP instead of going off-topic.

A suggestion I wholeheartedly agree with, at least in so far as it would be very cool to have - and to express my satisfaction with the Jhebbal Sag dungeon/religion etc.

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No my Point is acording to the topic, to ad quests to get all raligion and a quest to make one off them as main!

No. I am against this idea. Crom would agree. Jagal Sag weapon is powerful. The 7th religion can’t be pick from the start.

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There has to be a starting religions. And I say no to this idea.

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