Religion exclusivity and Jhebbal Sag

I believe being able to have every religion makes them worthless they carry no value early on if you can just find another right away, I want to see the practice of a singular religion vs having all of them it really breaks the dynamics of the game in RP and just PvP if you pick the Set religion you gain the best early on assistance you get antidotes, you can get snake arrows these are immediately useful the moment you manage to craft these.

If you pick Mitra you gain access to a powerful early healing item that heals faster than food that you will find this along gives a huge advantage in PvE and PvP same for the Set religion.

The religion of Yog has the same as Mitra early in the game of food however this provides Health, Food, Thirst. All insanely good for all types of play.

The religion of Darketo is unique in it’s own right giving you access to a early potent potion which increases your stamina regeneration.

Examples aside I believe while I make this suggestion this should not be forced choice this should be a server setting for the choice of the community to play in. I want to see every religion be exclusive to every player I want to see that exclusivity built upon by new perks given not just in the form of material benefits but in the term of Religious perks, I would love to see the Religion of Darketo have a perk that you must spec in that allows a near by undead to occasionally follow and assist you just in fighting not carrying an once you are too far it just walks back. Stuff such as that.

I would like to see a new type of religion called “Empty” this would free you up for the only religion you have to earn. Which is Jhebbal Sag, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED HIS DUNGEON IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD IN THIS GAME. However while I believe you can pick that religion at the start. You should have to go through a trial of faith and each religion should have it’s own various dungeon with various difficulties. It would be amazing to see a Darketo dungeon of zombies/undead poisonous death fogs and add more to the religious depth.

Now with the “Empty” religion it would be based off the lore that was put in place for Jhebbal Sag, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO CENSOR SPOILER SO THIS IS A WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!!!, Jhebbal Sag has explained that All animals, including man, once worshipped Jhebbal Sag, the Lord of Beasts, and spoke the same language. Now, most have forgotten, and only the largest, smartest and strongest animals remember the earliest days. Those who remember are bound together, however, and can be controlled by one who serves Jhebbal Sag and knows the language of the animals. I believe the term “Empty” is the proper term as they have forgotten him they aren’t apart of his “Loins” lore reference.

I Believe a perk that could be learned from Jhebbal Sag is commune with animals now obviously this would allow the addition of animals that you can communicate with you can offer them tribute and they may tell you about treasure or they could offer you some assistance in combat or some other thing they may have found in the world that has some value. The idea is a greater depth to this.

Because this would be a optional server setting I believe this would be a great choice and possible AMAZING DLC EXPERIENCE!!! This is the kind of thing that I live for!

That and I just believe that religion has no true value in this game and should have some level of devotion and sense of belonging to that religion experience now, while picking and earning a religion is great if you did make a mistake you should be allowed only ONE AND ONLY ONE, respec considered a betrayal and considered that you are forsaken the religion you should be attacked by said worshippers whom have learned of you transgression and they should ambush you and should you survive you will have officially renounced the religion if you die you can continue to try until you pass the betrayal of faith. This would make a nice new way of adding depth.

OBVIOUSLY this is a lot of work to do and program and I get that I believe I did a lot of the work for you at Funcom at setting up ideas and a base to work off from you may take it I only want to see the game improve and become more fun. Now I would love to hear the community on this and wonder

Now if THIS WAS A DLC what would you be willing to pay for such a thing? Obviously the reason I ask that is clearly the staff need help financially and more staff to Improve their work but I also believe they spread them self’s too thin. I don’t know I love this game. Let the debates begin and sure would love to hear @Ignasi opinion obviously I don’t expect this to be mentioned to any staff but I would just like the input really.


I don’t see them limiting things like this, because it breaks the spirit of the game. This is not a roleplaying game, it’s a survival game. Sure a minority of players roleplay with it. But the majority don’t.

Players already get irritated having to respec to get different feats or perk builds. Locking to a single religion is only going to irritate them further. Especially if you have this setting, and they spend hours, days, or weeks playing, only to decide they don’t like the religion they chose.

At which point it’s basically “Screw you. Delete and start all over.”, which is basically designed to make people ragequit and turn their backs on Funcom. Not exactly something that is going to help them monetarily in the long run.

I’d rather see more meaningful DLC, adding new ways to build, new armor and weapons. Things of that nature. Those are actually worth paying for.

Edit: And if they added an item that allows you to change your religion, the entire concept becomes pointless. Because just like the potion to reset your feats, you could simply reset to whichever deity fit you best at a given time.


Ideally I had anticipated this and suggest that it be a server setting rather than a forced decision, there aren’t community’s and I believe re-spec’in only takes me 1 full minute. So honestly like the situation with feeding should have been a server setting preventing the current issue with thralls, however it seems the more difficult a game becomes the more people whine. The whole concept of casual is starting to really become make a auto play button, I can’t actually do this on my own concept or feeding my self to survive is too much work for survival, “Dear God I have to feed my pets that defened me so they stay alive in a survival game? What the hell is wrong with you?!” This is the thoughts I am sure some face, but I say there are many simple…‘Mobile’ ‘Games’ with a pay to win concept have at it…lol

But no I understand some stuff is a issue if your solo but a lot of this seems to be more a small minor issue an the exclusive religion aspect would provide immediate balance if they added religious perks to the game so you can’t just have every religion and all its perks.

Personally I don’t play games to be babied and I do find if something is too hard for the community that’s there issue but it should be made to be tweaked per-individual tastes rather I love the game the harder it is, people today would never survive Earthworm Jim, Sonic the Hedgehog Sega gen, good god, I never beat the game nor golden axe I am still trying, I guess participation trophies are the new concept of games. Personally I believe mobile phone games screwed the next 2 generations of gaming. Dark souls and all other games for life death is fun, sucking only means you have room to improve.

The reset for the religion was also a 1 time thing as I am sure people will obviously make a mistake and want a fix vs a let me pick again, oh look let me change again and again and again, concept. But yep.

It doesn’t matter. When your on a public server you can all just pick a different religion and you have them all anyway. As far as adding DLC content they need to stop and fix what they have first. Their are bugs that have been around since pre-release that are still a thing. Sorcery can wait for climbing to be fixed.


can we have not useless religion armor while we are at it :confused:


I think the chance for admins of private servers to enable religion exclusivity could be nice.

For roleplayers of course but also in normal private servers just to make the game a little harder.

This could be implemented and could be a nice suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Having deeper religion themed feat-trees or something like that just for this reason it would be nice, but also something very hard to ever see released in game (why Funcom have to spend time in doing something it will be used by a very limited number of players while the game still have general needs and issues ?).

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What you mean is that religions in the game are too trivial and won’t serve any meaningful purpose, correct?

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What’s wrong with climbing? I’ve never had a single issue with it.

Correct and it was also confusing to why Jhebbal Sag was the only one to be the ‘Earned’ religion and to have his own unique dungeon which was absolutely amazing.

I do believe the general issues and needs are a problem but the lack of content and things to do will cause a huge issue sooner being no one plays a game with out content Fallout 76 is a prime example of a company trying to copy rockstar and make a monetization of there product and to copy and paste and then add literally no content and huge amounts of players leave and are turned off by the franchise and product and less likely to return in all regards.

While the example isn’t really similar to funcom the lack of stuff is. PvP can only amuse people for so long.

While the armor is sexy in its unique style it is worthless, as its nearly impossible to get it early on and by the time acquired you have already armor that is better durability and usually stats as well, the logic would be it could provide boosts to other aspects of the game. So I agree.

Ymir would never be chosen. Hes hard to level and more importantly serves no purpose.

His ice arrows are trash at almost all levels. Glacier Crack and Foe Shatter outlive their usefullness very quickly.

Ice and black ice are common and the return rate of getting these things in the first place is a waste.

Set would be the most chosen because poison arrows and antidote far out way every other option.

Mitra would be second

Yog would be third. His benefits wane with time. Not really even that decent for beginners.

Jhebal is in his own category. Personally I like him the best.

Derketo and Ymir are highly replaceable.

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I agree, but the problem is new content has to be general new content to attract new players (or just to mantains old ones for thousands of hours).

I like your idea but has very specific targets (only a group of players play this game for roleplay purposes).

That do not means we’ll never see it or it’s a bad idea, what I mean is it will be always at the bottom of the queue of priorities, after new dlcs to pay for g-portal and all things, blocking issues like the one now regarding avatars, new general content to attract new players, and bug fixing.

That’s why I think religion exclusivity it’s something we could realistic obtain (it requires few time to be implemented), all other things… it’s hard, really hard.

But again, you are trying to force RP into a game that isn’t RP to begin with.

This is a survival game. It’s not babying the players to let them do what they want. It’s about doing what it takes to survive.

The issue with feeding pets was that it messed up the online play. So it was removed. It has nothing to do with it being an issue or too difficult.

There is nothing stopping you from limiting yourself to one religion for RP reasons. But it’s wrong of you to try and enforce your RP restrictions on everyone, and try to use balance as an excuse to push that agenda.

As far as only being allowed to change your religion once, that still comes back to the issue of new players, who don’t understand all the ins and outs of the religions to begin with, changing from their first bad choice, into a second bad choice.

At which point they are no longer allowed to change, and again we are back to it pushing players away from the game, because it is Funcom saying screw you, start over.

And it’s unreasonable to expect gamers to have to go online and dig up information on all the religions, to see what is what, in the hopes they will find one they like.

We need ideas to encourage new players to actually enjoy the game. Not ideas that punish them for lack of knowledge.


Ymir Ice arrows should actually slowly reduce stamina or increasea stamina cost or slow movement like cripple but cause the effect to not be resisted by the perk that reduces the effects of cripple ice is actually useful if you need a single ice furnace black ice box but you should also be able to make 1 ice and 1 black ice obviously this would be great and useful as one human kill gets either or I would find useful rather than having to go deep in the ice when people block off the easier spots to get it. Darketo needs more as well as Ymir. So I agree whole heartedly.

UPDATE: SORRY it seems Ymir actually does allow the crafting of black ice, so I can’t agree with Ymir not having a useful set of crafting except for the arrows and maybe how his religion weapons may work. I’ll be testing them to update further.

But Darketo does allow the making of Aloe plants however I can farm them faster than it can be transmuted unless it gives exactly 10 per transmutation, I find the blood very useful that is provided however the compost is kinda convenient as it’s a pain for me to bother with however the lack of actually useful stuff outside crafting is a issue.

For the Record my favorite religions are Jhebbal Sag, Darketo and Set just on a personal preference not a beneficial relationship.

All known variables in my awareness considered, I agree. Maybe we shouldn’t be able to pick our religion, but develop one on the go.

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I just believe it to be weird you can earn Jhebbal Sag and he has the most unique weapon in the game based on religion and his actually is fun and feels like once you have it you feel proud to be in it. But that’s me.

They aren’t going to implement quest chains, I believe.

And it’d be more trouble to have to come up with a new dungeon for all existing religions.

There is also the fact to consider all the existing players. Who’ve put time and effort in their religion to get Zeal, plus the altars and special bonuses you get for the religion.

Should all that be taken away from them, to force them into using some new system? It would just end up with a lot of disgruntled players.

The current system is fine, as it goes. You get to start out with one religion, and as long as you track down someone in game willing to teach you a new faith, you can add that.

There is no real logical reason why you can’t belong to multiple faiths, after all. This isn’t D&D, where you have to be faithful to one god, or else you end up Faithless or False.

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The idea would be if you already had it unlocked you wouldn’t lose anything it would just be a fun dungeon you may now explore to learn more about the religious lore. Hence RP, now yes this is conan. I get that but Conan is make believe, you aren’t playing Conan, you are playing a unique character you are playing a person you created whom was exiled and now has to survive, but what is survival with out exploring the world learning lore learning ways to survive learning religious aspects is all considered Roleplay. Make believe. But I always do understand not everyone sees RP the same way.

Also once you pick a religious choice if you already are a player with all religious aspects it converts all other forms of zeal in to the one religious belief instead. Which is fair.