Your favorite religion and why?

What’s your favorite religion and why

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My favorite religion depends lot the character i play.

I love role-play my chars a bit trough theyr journey in the exiled lands. So all depends.
This is the role-play part.

Of course, considering game-mecanics, some are superior to others actually, or easier or getting better reward and stuff.
Set is handy, ever after the remade the new arrows, and nerfed the snakies. They’re still usefull. The anti-venom, and the daggers are also good to get.

So Set is mostly my choice for a random playtrough, otherwise, all depends the role-play, and who my chars is, and where she is coming from.
Over time, i played of course with all, and tried them all out several times.

There is also still a choice, if you stuck only with the one you chosed at start, or if you want learn them all. I like when there is some choice, ever some restriction, what isn’t mostly not the case. It’s bit strange to see base with all shrines, and all are living peacefully together.

Ok whats what was your favorite rp and what was the religion

It’s a tie between Mitra and Yog.

Both have pretty good healing items, 1 for 1 on zeal production.

You can build Wells off of Mitra’s alter, so no need to spend additional feat points on Wells.

Yog is the smallest alter to build with, great for tower bases.

Im new which one is mirta?

Mitra is the one that can craft Ambrosia and the well. When summoned he is the large statue god.

The big bird right?

Nah that’s Jabahl Sag, mitra is the statue one that walks on the ground and step on stuff

Oh well I’m on my first game rn and I’m playing yog

I always start Yog, the unblemished flesh is a good health boost and at lower levels you’re more likely to find a Yog priest early in game.

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Where is this yog priest


Because Crom.


Cauthey makes an excellent point. Im with Cauthey!! Although Im not sure what the give away was.


Forget the name of the place, but on the broken causeway by the Tower of Bats is a Dafari settlement with one, of course the Summoning Place has one (sometimes quite high level) and I seem to remember settlement at the Dregs has one but could be misremembering.

i go with Crom because…

Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandalled feet."

Cimmerian religion is quite uncomplicated, especially when compared to the rest of the nations of the Hyborian Era. The chief deity of Cimmerian belief is Crom. However, Cimmerians never perform religious ceremonies and traditions, nor do they have priests or temples. Cimmerians have no formal prayers and believe Crom grants courage (plus a will to survive) to a Cimmerian when he or she is born.

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I decide which religion i select once i full download the game, but i am between Mitra, Ymir or Set.

Yog is nice for main bases, doesn’t take up much room and the healing items are a plus

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Thematically, Mitra. Reminds me of Greek Roman style which I love. Going full Aquilonian on its “behind” here.

Practically, Mitra again and then Set. Ambrosia + food at the same time during combat is some crazy healing. And potions are so helpful.

Weapon wise, I don’t know yet. Haven’t tried them all yet. Just made me the Phoenix Sword with Mitra and I love it. Looks wise and damage wise. And it only needs iron + lingering essence to repair? Im sold.

which statues? i thought they are just for light. Am I missing something?

I near the river at the start, look out for fire at the north river, look bit up. :wink: Night is fine for that.
Very easy to get.