Come talk to me about your lord and savior (conan religion questions)

So I’ve recently learned that Ymir’s religion (the one i picked) is basically broken. because it used to be that you get ice shards from cutting down trees with a frozen axe but they changed it so that the ice shards come from the frozen blood of your enemies. The problem being that because they were more plentiful, items made had a higher resource requirement, and now they still have a higher requirement but the ice shards are less available.

First question I’m wondering is, is there a way to make ymir useful despite this fact? Maybe I’m missing something. I saw stuff about black ice building and using ice to make water flasks for potions n stuff, black ice weapons etc. Not sure how viable that is.

Second question is what god would you recommend until ymir gets fixed? Friend of mine has mitra which provides ambrosia which is fantastic for healing right now, set has antidotes but idk how useful that will end up being. What provides good benefit without a ridiculous amount of effort like ymir?

The only god that can destroy bases is Set, the others are broken. I like Yog for the food.

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ice is easy take a pick to the cracked ice under the frozen bridge were pulling 95 ice per patch of cracked ice on official servers also ymir wrecks bases

You get an ice shards from harvesting humans with it. At least that’s how I’ve been doing it. I also play off line with x10 material gathering. :+1:

Yog will have your blood you Heathens!

Joke aside (not really, people will eat you…) Yog is pretty fun and the food is amazing since it doesn’t spoil.

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More bugs i hear? Have the devs issued any notice to the public about if stuff like this is gonna be fixed soon?

So set is the only one that can break bases, for yog, what if the guy that teaches the religion is the guy that my buddy killed without hesitation thinking that all NPCs were hostile? He’ll respawn yes?

Mitra for the wonderful pots
Yog for the excellent food
Set for the avatars unmatched destructive force

How do you make compost without spoiled food? :thinking:

You put the meat of your enemies in the compost heap

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