Ymir, The struggles of the Ice

Okay, so, it has been a while since they removed the ice shard collection from trees and I was thinking, like a normal/dedicated Conan player does, why the hell is it so expensive to get manifestations of zeal. I believe that the cost of making ice or other craftables within the Alters (Tier 1/2/3).

Thanks for your time reading this, and i hope it is seen by devs

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I think Ymir would need some care and attention again.

Still remember when the north was added to the game, and i did a new playtrough chosing Ymir at character creation. I liked this big guy, and it was a fun run.
Since chosing this god it has become a grind festival to up the shrine to higher tier, and the benefits coming with it are mostly not worth the hassle.

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Early-game Ymir zeal has definitely been neglected during the balancing process. Mitra, Yog and Set religions require nothing but one item harvested from a human corpse to produce a useful item and one zeal. Poor Derketo requires 10 handfuls of insects and one Sliver, Ymir requires five ice shards (that is, five dead people) to produce one zeal. Jhebbal Sag requires one water-filled glass flask, which is rather easier than either of the two.

I know, just hoping that Ymir gets changed

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Honestly I never understood why Ymir is so expensive.

Every other religion has at least one item to produce wich is 1 dead (+ something) = 1 zeal, but not Ymir.

I could understand if Ymir’s rewards was more powerful but… ice and ice arrows ? :confused:

You used to be able to harvest the shards from trees

Please Funcom Devs, this is my go to religion as I am mostly playing a Nordheimer character. Balance out my shrine for Ymir sakes!

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Ymir was what I chose when I first started.

Then I came to realize that you get shafted if you want to follow Ymir.

It’s strange that with so many other aspects, they strive for balance and fairness. Yet this one apparently is still getting constantly overlooked.

I get not using trees for ice, that’d be terribly unbalancing. Yet it seems like an extremely minor patch thing to drop it from 5 to 1. Or maybe 5 to 2, if there is something unbalanced about having 1 ice to do stuff instead of 5.


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