Upgrade costs for Ymir Altars

100 ice shards and 30 manifestations of zeal to hit tier 2?
Are you serious? 100 Ice shards = 100 kills. Thats over 3x the cost of other altars.
30 manifestations of zeal? Same as all the others, but thats another 150 kills.

Looking around online, I see that trees in the north used to also give shards when the axe was used, but it seems like this is broken. At least on PS4. I chopped down at least 30 trees up near the volcano, and I didn’t get a single ice shard when I was using the ymir axe…

So is this just a stupid high requirement? Or broken? Is there a better way to get them?

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Originally ymir fanatics would chop down whole woods for their religion.
Meaning: originally the shards werent harvested from human corpses, but rather only by chopping trees with the axe.

But I agree. I always go for set, a few months ago always for mitra (I love blue, so…) so I didnt know about this back then. Ymir should be balanced to come to the same level as the other religions.

Or maybe all religions should get the same number of their religious material to upgrade the altars/shrines.
And as I am writing… why not delete the decay from the old religion materials? Derketo and ymir got no decay on theirs, but the others do have some.

Maybe its a bug that trees no longer give the resource?
250 kills is a huge undertaking, especially for a solo player like myself.
If it could also come from trees that would be a more balanced scenario.

It’s not a bug.
Ymir has been changed to be the same like all the other religions.
That was little time prior to full launch. I guess a few weeks?

I guess the altars/shrines just have been forgotten about…
Just change those costs or bring the other religions on the same level… (careful though, huge flamewall incoming)

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