Please Fix Ymir Shrines and Manifestations of Zeal / Ice Shards

The shrines for other gods only require a single NPC kills for every manifestation of zeal. All except Ymir.

For example with Mitra, one NPC kill gets you 1 living essence which can be used to make 1 ambrosia and 1 manifestation of zeal.

The exception is Ymir. It requires 5 NPC kills to get 5 ice shards to change in to 1 Ice and 1 manifestation of Zeal. So it takes 5 times the effort to get a bubble if you are using Ymir which is just insane.

My guess is that when the game was changed where the Ymir hoar frost hatchet no longer could get ice shards from trees, the ratio for ice shards was overlooked.


Agreed this is dumb. Also does anyone happen to know if ymir actually does damage to buildings now? Got a arch priest and wanted to know before I soend resources on a godcoin

If it makes you feel any better, at least Ymir’s stuff works for the most part. Derketo is an unfinished religion without a priest, and you’re unable to craft their T3 weapon.

Make the armor. It costs 5 shards and you get 10 zeal.


I posted a while ago, like in EA: it takes 10x more ‘resources’ for Ymir than the other entities shrines to improve shrines. ie" Ymir + Set, (and any other) need 30 ‘coin’ to go from 1st to 2nd stage shrine. But here is the catch, Set needs 30 ‘volunteers’ to give their hearts. Ymir needs 300 ‘volunteers’ for the same 30 coin, not counting the extra 100 shards that is also required. Set like the others do not need 100 more items for the shrines improvement.

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