After Patch, Ymir Leveling

I’m not sure about the other religions but leveling Ymir is a massive undertaking now that creating the AXE no longer produces a zeal.

Cheapest Ymir Altar to Max LVL (W/ lvl 3 Priest)

1 Humanoid = 1 Ice Shard

LVL 2 Altar
30 Zeals = Create 30 Ice for Zeal @ 5 Ice Shard per = 150 Ice Shards
100 Base Ice Shards
Total = 250 Ice Shards

LVL 3 Altar
75 Zeals = 15 Winter’s Might (Light Helm) @ 5 Ice Shard per = 75 Ice Shard
200 Base Ice Shards
Total = 275 Ice Shards

That’s 525 Humanoids to kill using the cheapest method to create a LVL 3 Altar to Ymir

This seems a bit on the heavy side, thoughts?

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You’re not supposed to get zeals from crafting at all, that’s beeing fixed. All religions will require killing. Making avatars a wee bit harder to grind, but not hard enough imo.

It’s the 525 humanoids just to start an Avatar that’s overbearing. Are there even 525 humanoids available to kill in one clean world clear?

Yeah, having upgraded all, ymir really is the hardest. Even back with the axes granting 1 zeal, given thier build cost it was harder. About the only advantage is that ice shards do not expire. Still, say only having 50 need for the 1st upgrade and 100 for the 2nd would be nice.

I plan to spend tonight doing a major ice shard run in the South. Easy kills and tons of people. Plus another group has an open map room I can use to get back.

I farmed my first 4-5 avatars by killing thralls, most of them alone. It was how everyone used to do it before people realized sticks and stones was faster…

Sure it takes alot of time and is quite boring. But you will get rich in loot! And you can easily get 500+ in one go, they will spawn faster then you kill of the bigger camps. :slight_smile:

And also, avatars are meant to be the ultimate weapon, not something you grind faster then the equivalent amount of explosives would take. Also, by making the grind harder, you will not see 2+ bubbles on every big base that makes some of them next to unraidable. But the grind should be even harder, cause 500 humanoids with 5+ people is very fast too! They should make it 1500, would balance the game out alot.

I’m not speaking towards Avatars. I completely agree that Avatars should be ridiculous in cost knowing they crush face.

I’m only speaking towards creating a T3 Altar.

Getting the altar up is part of the grind. Why would that be cheap? Will just make people spam altars everywhere in the open, like in early access.

Everything needs to be more expensive to build, and alot harder to get imo.

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Because in comparison to the other altars, getting Ymir’s upgraded is an outlier?

You can get to T3 Derketo with a sexy handshake. Set and Mitra are pretty easy too. Yog might take a little while if you don’t have the bone, but Ymir’s takes a much longer time in comparison to all others. Some form of consistency is nice.


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