Learning Religions

I became an acolyte of Yog. I found the priest near the Skulker’s End place, you just talk to him and there you go.
Now because I’m a Yoggite, priest/teachers from other religions will attack me on sight? I found the Mithra priest and I can’t talk to him, he always attacks me but the map icon shows he is a teacher.
So you only have one free religion? Am I getting it right? You have to spend feat points to get the other ones that you didn’t become an acolyte of?

I’m not complaining by the way, I absolutely wanted Yog as a religion since my base is based on horror movies. I just want to know if what I’m experiencing with the Mithra priest is normal.

you can unlock them all from their teachers. Are you sure that you are talking to the correct npc?
None of the teachers is aggressive.


Lol so I looked up a map online and indeed, I wasn’t in the right place. Buuut the place I was at, 8U, has an icon just like it did for Nunu the Cannibal. (near The Arena) This confuses me, why does it have an icon if the guy isn’t a teacher? Or is it just because it’s a shrine?

The map icon for Religion teachers is definately NOT uniform Alhambra, so dont let that throw you off. Just follow the map you have and pay the icons/marker differences no heed. :slightly_smiling_face: Please note for the record that some trainers have hostiles nearby (eg-Derketo), however the teachers themselves will not attack you. If you have any further difficulties, be it finding them or otherwise, please let us know ok.


Spoiler alert!!!
If you don’t mind spoilers you can check the excellent player created and maintained Conan Exiles Wiki about the religion teacher locations. Link below to the Religion page that has the names and click links to their pages:


Haha yeah I chose Crom as a deity because I thought that it would give you extra strength or grit or whatnot…My other choices were, first the Great Yog of course, and then Set.

But thank you both for clearing this up, I didn’t know if it was a bug or if I did something wrong or what. :slight_smile:

Heh, that confused me in the beginning too.

“Ooh, a shrine of Mitra with a priest in it! Finally someone I can talk to.”

“Why do you attack me? I’m just a peaceful traveler!”

“Isn’t Mitra supposed to be a god of peace and understanding?”

“Why do you hate me so? Whyyyyyy?”


“Mitra’s Serenity” indeed… Personally, I think the priests there are just jealous that I have a fancier Mitra temple than they do. :wink: Still, it would be nice if members of the same religion weren’t hostile on-sight.


Then nobody will be hostile on sight if you learn each religion. Except the Darfari who’ll always see you as their next (still walking) meal.


Man flesh!

I mean the people in the immediate vicinity of religion-specific sites, not every NPC in the Exiled Lands…

I get what you mean … that if you know the religion then the priests in the vicinity of the alter are neutral to you until you attack them or npc near them … such as in Sepermeru with the Set priests. But I think it would be too complicated for Funcom to code … a check on you knowing the religion before the npc attacks … especially as you can temporarily learn the religion through feat points.

Yeah, there are definitely higher-priority items I’d like them to focus on. Just saying that if it was a perfect game…

You really only need Yog, Set, Mitra but I like the mignight grove and Jhebal so I get him too.

Derketo and Ymir are meh. But I guess I should get them eventrually

yog is only good early on and his altars kill thralls. derketo is good for her cripple removal potions


My characters refusing to eat human flesh, except their own, I never saw any usefulness for Yog. It puzzles me why people here are so much fan of a god more useless than Crom.

Yog used to be pretty great, an easy-to-make food source that also quenched your thirst and didn’t go bad. That changed around the time when pets were introduced. In return we got perpetually cooled fridges, so all in all a win IMO, but an obvious loss for Yog.

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My Yogism is purely for RP matters.

Obviously if you want to be yoggite for RP reasons it doesn’t matter for you, but just to know:

There are six religions in the game (seven with Crom obviously) you can learn from teachers or to unlock spending feat points.

You can be max level priest of each ones without in-game drawbacks, being or not a follower of a God (or a Goddess) do not change at all how npc react to you: religion teachers always are peaceful, all other non-speaking npcs are aggressive no matter who you are.

Even creating some paradox like ALL npcs will attack you at sight at Pagoda of Boundless Lusts but not the Derketo’s religion teacher, and she do not seems to care if you killed all her followers before speaking to her in any case :sweat_smile: (well, Derketo is goddess of lust and DEATH so, maybe it’s intended :sweat_smile:)

And yes, even if for some religions is pretty right, for others it’s not the best for immersivity, you have to capture and enslave a priest if you want to use him on your altar, like any other thrall, there’s no other way like speak and convince to have them serving on your altar :expressionless:


Yog level 1 only. And it is decent through most content.

I like to hang in the Unnamed City for long periods.

Yog meat does quench both food and water needs so it makes for decent utility. I find his usefulness wains later. But being able to dispose of tier 1 and tier 2 thralls pretty sweet.

Also I have made a trap house on PVP. It looked like a chimney that went straight down into the yog pit. The chimney was lined in certain areas with anti climb fences. So people would try and get in and fall into the yog pit. Or cling to the side begging to be free. But…going up towards the light was not an option. Only down. To Yog.

That being said. I still find Yog Meat useful.