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i would like to know if there’s an actual a way to change your religion while in game? i looked it up on google it says you can but i don’t see any proof or any helpful guides to help me. So if there is a way to change my religion then please let me know and put it simple as i am not tech smart with some games or figure things out easily like other people. :smiley:

I started with Crom and down the road I met a Priest who tought me Mitra Religion.

You cannot change your initial religion as player in game, but you can learn some religions in certain places of the map. If I remember correctly, you can learn Mitra, Set, Yog, Derketo, Ymir and Jhebbal ■■■■.

alright, just where are these located as i am on a server on my Xbox one with a friend and i mostly see shrines on the map which keep finding its other players shrines. So where are these place where to learn new religions?

As always I turn to the excellent player created and maintained Conan Wiki for the answers:


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thanks everyone :smiley:

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