How can I lern a new religion?

I want to change my religion, but I can’t change options when I am talking. What buttons should I use to move from “talk” to “change religion”
PS. I am plauing on PS4 Pro

Are u creating a character and want to change starting religion or trying to learn a new one?

Read the post, Fluffy! OP already said.

Anyway, I’d assume you press down on the D-pad but I’m not on PS4. Have you checked the keybindings?
If it’s not there, just press everything, you probably won’t break much.

Well I’ve never seen the “change religion” part when going to the trainer, the OP says learn but he said change, those are two different things so I was wondering if he is trying to “learn” or “change”

Maybe I’m just missing what he means by change

You’re thinking of two different things, not him :wink:

Ready very carefully.

“but I can’t change options when I am talking.”

He’s saying he cannot select the option to learn a new religion. It’s a control problem.

Makes sense, I’m tired af lol. In the first sentence he said change religion but what u said makes sense lmao

Ah you’re right too. I think we’re both confused.

Anyway, he just needs to move the selection down somehow.

I think, maybe, because he said he’s on the PS4 and maybe hasn’t seen much believes you can only worship one god? Thus being confused by the change religion part, and if he can’t learn a new religion that’s quite the annoying bug.

I just used an Xbox controller to do this on PC. I just pressed down on the D-pad. It would be strange if it wasn’t the same on PS4.

Excuse me for my mistake, it meant that in conversation with teachers I have the option “become acolyte eg set” but I can not change from “talk” option with this set

It didin’t working for me.

You do not change the religion, you learn a additional religion.
Now you are able to build a temple for the new religion.
In the game you can learn all religions. You are not attached to only one.

– Mike –

I just want to someone tell me HOW to chamge my option when I am talking on ps4

I did. Did you try it?
You either need to press down on the D-pad or down on the left stick. That’s all there is to it.

Did not work.
Is it possible that on 7 May a game that was not fully updated came to me?
It would make sense, because the city of Sepermer is aggressive towards me, and I do not have Derketo’s religion myself.

If you can access the swamp, you got the update. If you can’t, you’re probably opted into the testlive and need to switch back to the live branch. But if you’re on the old testlive, you’d still be able to choose Derketo from character creation.

(actually, was that even available on PS4?)

Two groups of NPCs are aggressive in Sepermeru, the rest should be passive.

If you can’t simply move your selected dialogue option down when speaking to an NPC, this sounds like a controller issue.

Hello, I would like to know where I can learn a second religion? thank you in advance and sorry but my english is not very good.

I don’t know if there’s an updated map showing all the religion trainers, so I’ll make one.

Here you go. I have all five listed here.

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