Yellow Lotus, Resetting your Beliefs and Vanity Mirror Resetting your Body Proportions

Hello Conan Exiles Team and Community!

I had a strange bug where my character was reset on an official PVE-Combat server (6008) to a standard character in a smaller size and with the standard religion choice. Now I am level 60 and build a nice castle with a good friend and I am not planning to throw this progress away since we keep going. However, I admit it is a little frustrating that a DC or some other bug lead to altering my character’s basic features. To fix this permanently, regardless of the technical cause, my suggestion:

Please allow that players might change their Religion as well (maybe after drinking the Lotus Potion?) and that they can not only change their face but also their body proportions using the dark magic of the Vanity Mirror. Alternatively, add the change religion option to settings or by any other means.

I am not wanting to invest 50 of my perks only to build a second temple, and this is a great nerf (so i percept it) for my gameplay, as well as that my character is not truly the person i wanted to role play.

Thank you very much for considering this, it would be a great quality of life for me and maybe others who could get into this situation by bugs(?). Of course, I understand that it was your design choice to have these things carved in stone, but then, you have situations like these.

Apart from that, I wished I could help by providing a good suggestion on how to add the user interface meaningfully. The size slider inside the vanity mirror makes sense to me right now, and the religion thing, too. Can religion in the world of Conan be considered a Feat? Could it be a new sub-window there? Or rather, under stats, where you can see the statistics of your character?
Maybe it is an option to just have a selection button there after drinking the yellow lotus potion?
I am sorry for suggesting to screw up the interface gradually there, but this might be doable and fit best there; as everything the yellow lotus resets is located there.

Thank you and cheers

You can learn all religions for free by finding the religion trainers. The later religion feats you’ll still need to purchase with Feat points, but the starting feats are free. Then it’s up to you how to role-play this change of faith, but in my head, just because you know the teachings of all religions doesn’t mean you worship all of the gods.

To add to that, use something to change thralls hairstyles while we’re at it with the vanity bench. Dancer with long hair around a massive bald spot is not a favorite.

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Sorry. as far as I know, there are no religion trainers on Siptah?
If it was possible to travel back to the exiled lands yet, that would be possible, of course.

On siptah , you can learn other religions with receipes dropped by surges npc - and wild surges npc’s

as exemple for Set religion , relic hunters surges have a chance to drop " the eyes of set " , if you consume the item , it will unlock the religion .

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Thank you very much, i didnt know that.
And, if anyone knows how to alter my body size/proportions again, i would be happy :slight_smile:

Edit: i admit evenough its in theory possible: it would still be convenient for the player to be able to recreate their character with the regular mechanics of yellow lotus and the mirror; unless of course there are very basic game design considerations against such.

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