Religion! Can someone explain this PLS?

Hi, I am on my second playthru now in single player on PC and I do not understand this religion stuff at all. First question tho, is there any point in pursuing it?

I have found several npcs that have had the option to learn a religion but have been unable to select it. The one that I was able to was the werewolf guy near the Grove but I hit “learn religion” but then what, what happens?

Also, in both games I have build an alter for the religion I chose, currently Derketo, but to upgrade the alter it says I need “manifestions of zeal”. What the hell are they and how/where do I get them?

I have searched online and found very little info on them besides one post saying to craft lots of daggers at the alter and you get them as a bproduct basically. So I tried that and all I did was waste rescources and am unable to even upgrade the alter.

Sure, I could cheat them in with the admin console but I am sure that it is not supposed to work that way.

So IS there any real point or benefit in learning or following religion in sp because at this point I cannot see one, probably due to the fact that I do not understand what the point of it is…


You should look at religion in the Conan Exiles wiki and then some of the links within that page. (Well tbh the Conan exiles wiki is always my go-to resource when I’m unsure of something in the game … the guys and gals who maintain and add to it are doing an excellent job … and if something is found to be not accurate you can let them know to update it … often via this forum as they are active here)

Basically you can make specific items in the different alter … ambrosia (a healing item) in the Mitra alter, an agility potion in the Derkato alter…etc also various decorations can be made in the alters … Eg Mitra alter can make a fountain statue you can drink from …cheaper than a well (and prettier). Set makes small snake statues, a set of armour, a floor lamp/brazier.
Converting the items harvested by the religious tool in the alter to another will give Manifestations of Zeal … which are required for upgrading the alter to the next … (after you have feated into the higher levels of the religion of course). You can learn religions either by feating into them within the feat system Oar permanently learning them by finding the specific teachers and conversing with them (note: Jhebbal Sag requires completion of the Midnight Grive dungeon in order to learn)

With an arch-priest in the tier 3 alter you can make a god-avatar of yourself or a god-protection bubble. As far as I understand it, the protection bubble is relevant for PvP building protection but I’ve not heard of it being help for a Pve or Pve-C to protect against purge damage.

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  1. Make the Derketo Kiss (dagger) in the alter:'s_Kiss
  2. Use that on dead humans, you should get Sliver of the Unfulfilled -
  3. Put those into the alter
  4. Once you have enough you can make an Elixir of Freedom
  5. When you make the Elixir you will end up with a Manifestationn of zeal

Each religion lets u make different things that are useful. In your case Elixir of Freedom (increase stamina regen) as 1 example.

Another example is Set, that religion allows u to make Antidote which is great for removing poision/bleed and other such affects (and poison arrows are cool).

Each religion lets u make something that can help your toon. Kwalya explained all this, but just in case that wasn’t clear enough thought I would give you a step by step instruction. I was very confused myself when I first started…my gf explained this to me…she is far smarter than me, so don’t worry if you didn’t get it…lol

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Thanks to both of you, I understood… most of that. As for the midnight grove I went in there and fought a lot of creatures and people but have no idea if I “completed” it or not. Wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to be doing really. I mainly wanted in there to get shadebloom…

Like anything else in CE it lets you make unique items. Unique armor, weapons, food that heals you, poison cures etc. Since learning the religions is very easy, and building the T1 temples is also, what have you got to lose?

Have nothing to lose at all, and it probably would be easy if I understood what I was supposed to be doing.

You have to find the final Boss in this dungeon and to kill it. Then Jhebbal Sag would come to you in person and award you with his religion. It takes a lot of time to get to this final Boss as I know. This religion is somewhat hard to get.

Kill it, harvest its flesh and eat it, if I understood correctly.

I was so completely noobstomped the last time I went there that I’m still gathering courage and devising strategies (and recruiting better helpers) for a second run.

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They are too naughty ( I’ve explored it in God mode and decided that I don’t need any shadebloom yet ) Maybe later… But there are nice amanitas there for my cooking recipes, and besides that you can easily get to Sepermeru from Midnight Groove - it can be useful in some cases.

Who ISs the final boss tho… I did fight a few like the bear and panther and a huge Bull… Didn’t know about eating anything flesh tho.

I think it’s one of those werehyena things. You’re supposed to get the flesh of remembrance from it and eat it. (I think that’s what it’s called anyway.) I don’t know if it’s a drop or you have to harvest it or what, but that’s how I understand you finally get the religion.

Ok, thanks, I’ll try again I guess. I followed the path all around went thu these “magic” gates but just ended at a spot to leave the area so I have no idea what I missed. Will look more next time :slight_smile:

You have to harvest the corpse. Moreover you can get more than one piece and give it to your friends - but it decays very fast.

Thanks, good to know. However I am only playing in SP and I have no friends…

Eat the Flesh and look up. Like at the moon. Then you learn it and Jhebal himself comes to visit you

Great, thx. Might try goin back there today…

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