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in my corrent gameplay in sp i found myself loaded with blood and the fat guy in my head say…“well this is a sign that you should make your life in the exile lands bit more taisty…so go make blood sausages”… so then my fat nord roam around killing imps since they the most blood droping things i incounter so far…so there i was butchering the imp population thinking soon i will feast on blood sausages… then realized they drop demon blood…and not “blood”… so i dig a bit and found that theres a religion that can get u transform demon blood into regular blood… but i wonder…if i learn it…will it replace my religion?..

i dont want yamir’s blue balls fury on my head.

No, it won’t replace your religion. In fact you can go learn them all if you wanted to.

FYI, you can get regular blood very easily just sticking human flesh in a fluid press.


@Glurin says it all really. Do not transform your demon blood into regular blood - it’s far more of a pain in the ■■■ to farm (IMO). Later on you’ll need demon blood for several things, like corrupted stone (map rooms) and the like.

ok…the blood sausages can wait…but im more focused on being sure im not “replacing” my religion if need to learn another religion for some reason later on… im loyal to yamir and thats how i want to stay. thanks for the answer!

Yep, you can learn them all and it won’t affect your earlier religions in any way. Gods are pretty weird in the Exiled Lands, as Conan can tell you if you find him in the game.

Just don’t buy the religions with feat points, you can learn them for free from their trainers. (You’ll need to buy the upgrade feats for the religions, though.)

Few points…

Blood sausage and demon blood sausage are 2 different food items that can be made. Neither provides any benefit that eating regular cooked meat doesn’t already provide. Most of the food recipes in the game are kind of pointless at the moment and could definitely use some rebalancing.

The easiest way to get regular blood is to crush human flesh or animal heads in a fluid press, as others have said here. Human flesh is probably to most abundant resource in CE other than basic stone and wood.

You can learn and practice all of the religions in the game at the same time. Except Crom. There’s no teacher to learn about Crom from, and no benefit to worshipping him.

You can learn about a religion from its teacher and then completely ignore it from there. Nothing says you have to build an alter to any of the gods after you get the journey step done, even the one you started with.

Correct. Just think of it as expanding your learning and seeking out enlightenment. Good if youre a completionist too. :wink:

Yes THIS. Dont squander demons blood on transformations. Demons Blood, Volatile Glands and Star Metal (for me at least) are three havestable in game items which you can never have enough of, and should be harvested every chance you get.

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