Isle of Siptah Religions

Just a quick query, the majority of our clan has the ability to build and upgrade all alters. They were able to do this right from the beginning, however I am almost 60 and another member who is almost a 40, our religious feats are red and locked except for the ones we picked at the initial start page. I see from YouTube videos that you need surges to learn all religions? We haven’t attempted a surge yet but how is it when half my clan can build and access all alters and access recipes and the other half can’t. Can anyone help?

in theory you can get drops from priests and chests, but so far I’ve seen only steamy tablets of Derketo

My bad, I realized that they can be learned but the cost is 50 feat points. Rather expensive but that clears up the issue as to why half my clan can learn them and I couldn’t. Spent my frat points on the newer benches. Thank you for your help, I did find a Dereketo tablet.

On siptah there is no religion learner as on exiles land , you can kill npcs ( relevant to their religion ) and sometimes they will drop objects like derketos tablet , that you can consume to avoid having to spend 50 feat points , you can always drink yellow lotus potion to reset invested feat points , at last fragment of porwers if consumed will also give you additional feat points to spend ( and even more if you have the tablets of power receipe that takes 5 fragments but gives more points than 5 separate fragments ) !

If you mass farm Fragments of Power, you can consume them for 10 feat points each. And with the new isle of dawn area, they are easy to get. Eat 5 per religion, and there you go…all religions.

Not quite bigcane55. There is one exception among them (well kind of two). @Jen_A As far as I know JhebbelSag must be aquired using looted artifacts from enemies in the Isle of Siptah. Crom however can not be learned or otherwise obtained unless he is selected on the character creation screen.

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Thank you, I have located Derketo tablet. I found a good npc camp to hopefully learn Set but has anyone located a Ymir priest yet? Any help would be great

I think they’re holed up on the island of dusk

Has anybody discovered the Zath Drop location?
Iv killed many Zath priests and no go… I believe I’m looking for the Tappastry of Zath but haven’t found what drops it.

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